New Hampshire APPLETREE

Working with communities to reduce exposure to environmental hazards and the risk for negative health outcomes. 

The APPLETREE (Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry’s (ATSDR’s) Partnership to Promote Local Efforts to Reduce Environmental Exposures) Program supports New Hampshire at many levels. The goal of the partnership between ATSDR and New Hampshire is to give partners the resources to build their capacity to assess and respond to site-specific issues. The program helps ATSDR’s partners: 

  • Identify exposure pathways at specific sites.
  • Educate affected communities and local health professionals about site contamination and potential health effects.
  • Review health outcome data to evaluate potential links between site contaminants and community health outcomes.

Together, New Hampshire APPLETREE, communities and partners can protect and promote health in our state!


Community involvement

Our team is available to support your community when petitioned. Petitions are simply requests for our assistance. These can come to us in a variety of ways through any of our stakeholders, including community members. Direct conversations, email submissions or phone calls are all good ways to submit a petition to us.

In addition to health-based recommendations, APPLETREE can provide technical support to all of our stakeholders. Interested in a community educational event about exposure reduction, testing or treatment options? We can work with you to plan and organize.

Get in touch

Questions or concerns? Please reach out to

A field of lupines with tree covered hills in the background under a hazy sky with clouds overhead.APPLETREE, the Environmental Health Program and our partners have created a number of training videos to help communities learn more about environmental health and to take action to reduce the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals. Below is a list of topically related videos designed with New Hampshire audiences in mind:

A woman wearing goggles, a facemask and gloves cleaning a window in a home with a yellow sponge.We understand that it can be overwhelming to find the right person to contact or the right resource to use when addressing an environmental health concern. In addition to being just an email or phone call away, our team creates documents to help guide communities with concerns. Check out our comprehensive Environmental Health Guide (NH-EHG) and other resources below:

An overhead view of a city street in Nashua as the sun is setting.APPLETREE works directly with communities in New Hampshire to reduce exposure to environmental contaminants in their daily lives. We follow the most current scientific research and literature in order to inform our program’s recommendations. When we review community data for potential exposure risks, we may publish our recommendations with direction from ATSDR in one of many forms, including: information sheets, health consultations or health assessments. These technical documents are made available to protect and empower impacted communities.