Greening Your Business

Resources for New Hampshire businesses to implement green practices that protect the environment and save money.

green legosThe term “green” has been used to describe many things, but when we talk about “green” in reference to business, we are talking about businesses going above and beyond regulatory requirements to protect the environment. By taking those extra steps to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals, reduce waste, save energy and conserve water and other resources, businesses can greatly reduce their impact on the environment.

The New Hampshire Pollution Prevention Program (NHPPP) can help businesses implement strategies that protect the environment and save money at the same time. For more information and a free consultation, contact the program at

Simple Ways to Green Your Business

This Pollution Prevention Checklist for Businesses is a good resource for businesses interested in taking the steps to become more sustainable. More guidance documents are available in our document library.

Help for Small Businesses

Free, confidential assistance to help small business owners and operators understand and comply with air and other environmental regulations. 

Free Site Assessment

The NH Pollution Prevention (P2) Program helps businesses and other organizations reduce or eliminate waste by providing free, confidential, on-site assessments.