Healthy Swimming

Overseeing the health, safety and construction of most public bathing facilities including beaches, pools and spas.

Public Beaches

NHDES monitors its coastal beaches and inland beaches regularly in order to evaluate potential health risks and evaluates these results so the public can make informed decisions about where to swim.

Cyanobacteria Blooms

Harmful Algal Blooms, including cyanobacteria, present potential health risks to humans, pets, wildlife and livestock. NHDES tracks the presence and toxicity of these blooms in the state’s public waters.

Pools and Spas

NHDES is charged with overseeing the health and safety, and construction, of public recreational facilities including swimming pools, wading pools, spas, water slides and scholastic competition pools.

Coastal Cleanups

Volunteers play a big role in keeping New Hampshire beaches clean by regularly picking up trash and recording what they find. Keeping litter out of the marine environment helps whales, birds, fish, and other sea life.