Asbestos Management

Managing projects that involve asbestos removal during renovation and demolition activities.

NHDES strives to create and maintain a partnership with the regulated community, municipalities, public and business sectors, and the general public. NHDES requires that you comply with Env-A 1800 before proceeding with renovation or demolition activities, even if a city or town has issued a permit for those activities.

NHDES conducts compliance inspections, complaint investigations and a variety of outreach and education programs to raise awareness of the health impacts of asbestos and the regulatory programs to protect workers and the general public against hazardous asbestos inhalation exposure.

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What are the disposal requirements for asbestos?

NHDES requires the proper disposal of asbestos, which includes specific handling, packaging and labeling requirements, as well as documentation in compliance with specific requirements of Env-A 1805.08 and Env-SW 900. NHDES requires that all asbestos waste be disposed of at a facility that has been approved by NHDES to accept this type of waste.

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What requirements apply to homeowners during abatement projects?

Homeowners who live in a single family dwelling in New Hampshire can personally conduct asbestos abatement activities in their own home. While being exempt from many of the requirements in Env-A 1800, owners must still wet the asbestos prior to removal; take care to cause minimal disturbance of the asbestos during stripping and handling operations; and properly package, label, document, transport and dispose of all asbestos waste resulting from the asbestos abatement activities. For more information on what you need to know, see our Homeowner, Contractor, Property Managers and Landlords Fact Sheet

If a homeowner is uncomfortable doing the work themselves, they can hire an asbestos contractor licensed in New Hampshire.   

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 image of demolition of a buildingWhat is required for renovation and demolition activities? 

Renovation and demolition activities often result in the disturbance of asbestos-containing building materials. The state requires that a qualified asbestos inspector inspect the property before a project begins. The owner or operator of a commercial or residential property must also hire a state licensed asbestos contractor when a project will disturb asbestos.    

An Asbestos Demolition/Renovation Notification Form must be submitted and received by NHDES at least 10 working days prior to the start of any major asbestos abatement project or demolition activity that would remove any load-bearing member of a structure.

Asbestos Notification FAQs       Revised Notification FAQs  

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