License and Certifications

For contractors, workers and consultants doing asbestos work in New Hampshire.

Every company or individual performing asbestos-related work in New Hampshire is required to be either licensed or certified to perform the work, with few exceptions. The requirements of RSA 141-E and Env-A 1800 protect people from health risks that can arise from working with asbestos. Therefore, NHDES requires that companies and individuals submit the appropriate application based on the type of work to be done. NHDES has minimum training and experience requirements, which vary depending on the type of license or certificate.

NHDES attempts to review and process applications within 15 days of receipt of a complete application. However, RSA 541-A allows up to 120 days for the application to be processed. Please be sure to allow sufficient time to receive your license or certificate before you begin working, since it is a violation for a company or individual to perform any work without being issued the appropriate license or certificate.

You can find all of the applications and forms on our NH Online Forms Portal. For a look at the form requirements and fees, see our Asbestos Certification and Licensing Requirements fact sheet. Each certificate or license type is described below.

Asbestos Abatement

  • Asbestos Worker Certificate
    An asbestos abatement worker can perform asbestos abatement work under the authority of a licensed asbestos abatement entity and the direct supervision of a New Hampshire certified asbestos abatement supervisor.
  • Asbestos Abatement Supervisor Certificate
    An Asbestos Abatement Supervisor can perform minor asbestos abatement projects, as defined in Env-A 1802.36 under their own authority, and supervise certified asbestos abatement workers at major asbestos abatement projects performed under the authority of a New Hampshire licensed asbestos abatement entity.
  • Asbestos Inspector Certificate
    An Asbestos Inspector can perform inspections in schools under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA).  
  • Asbestos Management Planner Certificate
    An Asbestos Management Planner can prepare asbestos management plans for public and private, non-profit K-12 schools in New Hampshire.
  • Asbestos Project Designer Certificate
    An Asbestos Project Designer can prepare project designs for asbestos abatement projects to be performed within public and private, non-profit K-12 schools in New Hampshire.
  • Entity License
    An Asbestos Abatement Entity license allows an Asbestos Abatement Company (Entity) to perform major asbestos abatement projects including, stripping, encapsulating or enclosing of asbestos containing building materials (ACBM) present in or on public and private residential, industrial, and commercial buildings as well as structures and equipment located within New Hampshire.

Asbestos Disposal Sites (ADS)

  • ADS Worker-in-Training Certificate
    An ADS Worker-in-Training can work at ADS in New Hampshire, under the direct supervision of an experienced and certified ADS worker.
  • ADS Worker Certificate
    An ADS Worker can supervise ADS Workers-In-Training at ADS. An ADS worker is qualified to disturb asbestos waste at ADS in New Hampshire.

  • ADS Contractor License
    An ADS Contractor license allows the ADS company to perform construction activities at an ADS in New Hampshire, that would involve the removal, consolidation or capping of asbestos waste located on or below ground surface.

Asbestos Program Manager
Asbestos Licensing Specialist