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Requirements for the lawful sale, installation and operation of residential wood heaters.

 image of green outdoor wood boiler next to woodshed

What are the requirements for outdoor wood-fired hydronic heaters? 

An outdoor wood-fired hydronic heater (OWHH) is a type of heater that is required by the manufacturer to be installed outdoors or in structures not normally occupied by humans, such as barns, garages and sheds. Manufacturers of OWHHs are required to meet specific emission standards set by the EPA. In May 2020, these standards become more stringent. Currently, only EPA-certified OWHHs can be legally purchased and installed in New Hampshire. Owners are required to follow the manufacturers guidance when operating an OWHH; otherwise, the owner may void their warranty. 

Review the OWHH presentation and NHDES fact sheet  

image of black cast iron woodstove

What can individuals and communities do to reduce air pollution? 

While there are currently no changeout programs in effect today, communities in New Hampshire have successfully implemented woodstove changeout programs to reduce air pollution, protect health, heat efficiently and save money. A woodstove changeout program is a voluntary program that provides information and incentives (rebates/discounts) encouraging households to replace, retrofit or remove old, inefficient wood burning appliances. 

image of back of wood stove with affixed label with EPA emission standards

What are the requirements for wood and pellet stoves? 

Today, residential wood stoves and pellet stoves are manufactured to burn much cleaner. This is largely due to the EPA’s more stringent emission standards, which require manufacturers to improve the efficiency of every model sold in the US.  Currently, only EPA-certified devices can be legally sold. In May 2020, these standards became more stringent. The standards also require manufacturers to affix a permanent label to each device to include specific language regarding date of manufacturer and compliance to the emission standard.  

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