Green Hospitality

Assisting New Hampshire restaurants and lodging facilities in their environmental sustainability efforts.

logo for Green HospitalityThe New Hampshire Green Hospitality Program recognizes restaurants and lodging facilities that are doing their part to reduce energy use, conserve water and reduce waste. There are many benefits to participating in the program: both environmental and economic, as well as the ability for facilities to market themselves as “green” or “sustainable” to environmentally conscious consumers. 

This program is free and open to all restaurants and lodging facilities in New Hampshire. Recognition in the program requires the completion of an application and a site visit by New Hampshire Pollution Prevention (NHPPP) staff for verification. This visit also gives NHPPP staff the opportunity to offer suggestions for further reductions. For more information, please contact NHPPP at (603) 271-2956 or

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Make your next restaurant or lodging experience an environmentally-friendy one by picking a Green Hospitality member.

Green Renovations Bed and Breakfast Style!

Simple ideas you can do to improve energy efficiency in your facility.

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