Development and Redevelopment Planning

Assisting large projects with the permitting process.

To help you navigate the complexities of the environmental permitting process, NHDES can arrange a “pre-application meeting” for you to meet with representative(s) of the specific permit program(s) necessary for your project. Don’t know what permits you need? Just fill out the pre-application meeting request form and we’ll bring the right people to the table. This service is free of charge, too. Whether you are a homeowner looking for a wetlands permit, or a corporate owner constructing a new business complex that requires multiple permits, we can arrange to bring together the appropriate permit staff from NHDES, as well as officials from other federal, state and local agencies, as requested by the customer.

Please complete the online form, call (603) 271-3501 or send an email to to discuss your upcoming project.


In order for NHDES to maintain and protect the water sources of the State, subdivisions of real property are required to be reviewed by NHDES to ensure that each resulting parcels or units supports the long-term wastewater absorption requirements without causing environmental damage, overloading of the proposed lot(s), or any public health risks.

NHDES regulates the subdivision of land into two or more lots if the proposed lots will not be served by municipal sewers and one (or more) of the proposed lots is less than five acres. Subdivision approval is required for lots under or being reduced to under five acres, leased land, campgrounds and condominium creation; for both residential and commercial developments where septic systems are, or will be used. Subdivision applications require a permitted septic designer and a licensed land surveyor, and can be submitted online through OneStop.

Subdivision Permitting Guidance Documents  


Wetlands Permitting Resources

Unless otherwise specified by rule or statute, many activities in wetlands require state review and approval. Such activities may include excavation, removal, filling, dredging and/or constructing structures in or on any bank, flat, marsh or swamp in or adjacent to wetlands, streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and other waterbodies. For specific local questions about activities in wetlands near you, contact your Regional Wetlands Inspector or click the link below for more information.

More wetlands permit assistance 

Alteration of Terrain

Will your project require land disturbance? You may need a permit.

Waterfront Development

Is your project along a waterbody? You may need a Shoreland Permit.