Permit Assistance

Find the resources needed to complete your Wetlands Permit application, including forms, applications and project worksheets.

Activities located in wetlands, such as excavation, fill, dredge, removal, and/or construction of structures in or on any bank, flat, marsh, or swamp in or adjacent to wetlands and waterbodies, generally require a permit or authorization from the NHDES Wetlands Bureau, unless otherwise specified. The information required with each application ranges from simple notification to full demonstration of avoidance and minimization with alternatives analyses and supporting documentation. Eligibility for either type of permitting process depends on whether the project meets the criteria specified in RSA 482-A or NH Administrative Rule Chapter Env-Wt 100-900.

The NHDES Wetlands Bureau provides technical assistance for planning projects that will impact a jurisdictional resource.

Permit Applications and Project Worksheets

There are multiple types of permits and authorizations, and the information required varies significantly depending on the project. Be sure to refer to the checklist included with specific forms for a detailed list of required attachments.

Processing Wetlands Permit Applications

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LRM processing incoming permit applications

The Land Resource Management Program (LRM) follows an internal process for reviewing incoming permit application packages to ensure each application is processed promptly and consistently. Each application, notification or registration submitted to the Alteration of Terrain Bureau, Subsurface Systems Bureau, and Wetlands Bureau (which includes Shoreland Program) is reviewed by a team of cross-trained administrative staff, referred to as the Application Receipt Center (ARC).  


a log with flowers growing on it lies on waterComplete applications will move to technical review

Application packages containing the required elements will be accepted. Applicants will receive a letter indicating that their application package has been accepted. Application packages that are accepted will proceed to technical review. The technical staff will review the application material for compliance with applicable technical standards and confirm that the applicant has fulfilled all requirements as specified by statute or regulation.

See sample acceptance letter  

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Notifying applicants of incomplete applications 

Application packages missing the required elements will be identified as incomplete. The ARC will notify the applicant of the determination via a letter identifying the missing elements and describing how to resubmit the application package to NHDES. The applicant is expected to provide copies of missing or modified elements of the application package to the municipal clerk and others, as required by statute or regulation. The ARC will copy the acceptance or incompleteness letter to the municipal clerk in the city or town where the proposed project is located.

See sample incompleteness letter  

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Registrations and Notifications get immediate compliance review 

Registrations and notifications containing the required elements will be considered complete. Complete registrations or notifications undergo an immediate compliance review. Complete and compliant registrations or notifications are identified as such on NHDES OneStop. Certain notifications, including Wetlands Seasonal Dock, Forestry SPNs and Wetlands PBNs receive confirmatory generic permits via First Class mail.  

See sample completeness letter  

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Incomplete Registrations and Notifications will be rejected 

Registrations and Notifications missing the required elements will be considered incomplete. The ARC will notify the applicant of the determination, via First Class mail, identifying the missing elements and describing how to resubmit the notification package to NHDES. Incomplete registrations or notifications are identified as such on NHDES OneStop. Incomplete Wetlands and Shoreland PBNs are rejected. The ARC will notify the applicant, via First Class mail of the determination, identifying the missing elements. 

See sample rejection letter   

wetlands plants next to waterCheck status of permit applications online 

You can check the status of applications, registrations or notifications in our OneStop database. The Wetlands Bureau also posts a weekly decision report to the website in pdf format.   

Check the status  

Overlapping jurisdictions

  • US Army Corps of Engineers – NH Regional General Permits (GPs) and Required Information
    For activities regulated by the NHDES and within US Army Corps of Engineers (the Corps) jurisdiction, the NH General Permit (GP) serves to minimize duplication between New Hampshire’s regulatory review and the Corps regulatory review. For your convenience, the Appendix B is also attached to the NHDES Wetlands Bureau permit application and Permit by Notification:  Appendix B - Corps Secondary Impacts Checklist.

  • New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources (NHDHR) – Project Review and Section 106 Compliance
    As required by General Condition #8 of the General Permit (GP), and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), applicants must consult with the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) to ensure that activities authorized by the GP will not adversely affect properties listed on, determined to be eligible for listing on, or potentially eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, including previously unknown historic properties within the project area. A Request for Project Review (RPR) Form must be sent to the NH Division of Historical Resources.