Water Well Board

Protecting the groundwater resources of New Hampshire.

The purpose of the Water Well Board is to protect and improve the general health and welfare of the citizens of the state of New Hampshire and to protect the groundwater resources of the state by licensing well and pump contractors; providing well construction records; and adopting and enforcing standards for the construction of wells and the installation of pumps.

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Duties of the Board are:  

  • To safeguard the public health.
  • To protect the groundwater resources of the state.   
  • To license water well contractors and pump installers.   
  • To regulate the construction of water wells and the installation of pumps.   
  • To provide for penalties for violations. 
  • To provide well records and to promote and encourage cooperation among water well contractors, pump installers, technical drillers and governmental agencies in the development and protection of records of wells and ground water resources. 
  • To prepare and make available to the public information relative to groundwater resources in the state. 

bridge in the woodsThe Water Well Board was established in 1984 by the adoption of RSA Chapter 482-B.  Administrative Rules We 100-1000 Water Well Board Rules were last revised on March 1, 2017. These rules include:

  • Organization of the Board (Chapter 100)
  • Practice and Procedures (Chapter 200)
  • Licensing Requirements (Chapters 300 & 400)
  • Ethical Standards (Chapter 500)
  • Well Construction, Maintenance & Abandonment Standards (Chapter 600)
  • Pump Installation Standards (Chapter 700)
  • Well Completion Reports (Chapter 800)
  • Administrative Fine Adjustments (Chapter 900)
  • Registry of Consumer Complaints (Chapter 1000)

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This seven-member board consists of NHDES representatives as well as water well contractors, pump installers, technical drillers and the public. The current members of the Water Well Board are:   

  • Chair: Norman Harris, III, W.C.C., Pump Installer
  • Secretary: Rene Pelletier, Director, Water Division, NHDES   
  • Shane Csiki, Ph.D, NH State Geologist
  • David Hunt, C.W.D. –  P.I., Technical Driller
  • Kelly Dobrowolski – P.I., Water Well Contractor   
  • Peter W. Caswell, C.W.D. – P.I., Water Well Contractor   
  • H. Keith Dubois, P.G., Public Member 
  • Staff: Water Well Program Manager, NHDES

Board Meetings

The Water Well Board meetings are held every 8 weeks at the NHDES building in Concord. The 2024 meeting dates are as follows: February 7, April 9, June 5, August 8, October 8 and December 11. Past meeting minutes are available online. If you have any questions about Water Well Board meetings, please contact us.

Well Drillers and Pump Installers

Contractors or individuals wishing to engage in the business of water well construction or the installation of water pumps in New Hampshire must be licensed by the Water Well Board. License Applications Forms can be submitted anytime. The board reviews each applicant and determines eligibility for examination and licensure. Board-licensed pump Installers are required to obtain 2 hours of continuing education every year. Our Events Page has a listing of upcoming trainings.

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Water Well Inventory

The New Hampshire water well inventory database, initiated in 1984, currently contains over 135,000 well records. These reports provide a record of the construction details (location, depth, yield, etc.) along with information describing geologic materials and subsurface conditions at the well site. These records are available to the public and found on NHDES OneStop. For help in your search, read “How To Search For A Well Record.”

Find a Well Record
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Did you know?

Did you know?

Private Well Homeowners: It is recommended that you understand the construction and maintenance of your water system. Use our Well Inspection Checklist to help become acquainted with the water supply to your home.  

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