Providing information on reporting hazardous waste.

What is the fee for initial notification?

The initial notification fee is $150 and applies to any new hazardous waste generator and those that change ownership. Municipalities are exempt from this fee.

How long will it take for my application to be process?

Typically, seven days after the application is deemed complete.

Do I have to renew my application?

While we do not require you to renew, it is important that you review your RCRA C Notification Form annually to ensure that the information is still current. Once you’ve done your review, send the RCRA C Notification Form to hazwastereporting@des.nh.gov as confirmation.

What if my information changes?

Each generator is responsible for keeping their notification information current. EPA ID numbers will remain active unless the Reporting and Information Management Section is notified of a change in generator status. EPA ID numbers can be inactivated or declassified. The Reporting and Information Management Section must be notified within 30 days of a change.

Use the RCRA C Site Identification Form for changes to street address not due to moving locations, company ownership, and property ownership. Other changes can be made verbally, electronically or in writing according to Env-Hw 504.02 (Env-Hw 500 Requirements for Hazardous Waste Generators).


I’m moving my business, does my EPA ID number stay with me?

EPA ID numbers are not transferable to another location.