Start Date: July 27, 2022
Location: Lamprey River

This is a notification that low flow conditions have continued after being interrupted by recent natural rain
events. Relief pulses from Pawtuckaway Lake and Mendums Pond are being planned on July 27. The lower
Lamprey River is also subject to a Stage 1 Alert under the Lamprey River Water Management Plan.

Daily average streamflows in the Lamprey River are published by US Geological Survey at LAMPREY RIVER NEAR
NEWMARKET, NH - USGS Water Data for the Nation
. The protected instream flow criteria and the current
streamflow conditions can be found on the Department’s Instream Flow webpage at Current Lamprey River
Instream Flow Conditions

  •  Water level changes as a result of the relief pulse at both locations will be 0.05 feet (0.6 inches).
  •  Water level in Pawtuckaway Lake today was at -0.21 feet from full at 02:00 this morning.
  •  Water level in Mendums Pond today was at -0.23 feet from full at 06:00 this morning.

These streamflow conditions may affect water use operations at your facility under the Lamprey River Water
Management Plan
. When streamflow persists below the instream flow protection criteria, Affected Water
Users may have management actions to take under the Lamprey River Water Management Plan. If you are an
Affected Water User in the Lamprey River watershed, please review your Water Use Plan and take
management actions when and if the conditions indicate. Your facility’s Water Use Plan may have different
management actions over time under these conditions. Your facility’s management actions are described in
the Lamprey River Water Management Plan.

For more information:

Joseph Schmidl
Instream Flow Specialist
(603) 271-3280
Lamprey River Water Users
NHDES Instream Flow Program