Large Groundwater Withdrawal

Required permit for wells that withdraw groundwater at an average rate of 40 gallons per minute or 57,600 gallons per day or more.

large diameter pipe on the ground with water gushing out of itA large groundwater withdrawal is a withdrawal from well/s installed after August 1998 of more than 57,600 gallons over any 24-hour period (equivalent to an average of 40 gallons per minute). Large groundwater withdrawals require a permit from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES). Withdrawals from wells installed prior to August 1998 are exempt and do not have to comply with these requirements in accordance with RSA 485-C:22.

In order to obtain a large groundwater withdrawal permit, the well owner or applicant (typically a public water supplier, bottled water manufacturer, or golf course) must complete an extensive testing and review process. The details of the permitting process and requirements can be found in RSA 485-C:21-25 and NHDES administrative rules Env-Wq 403, Large Groundwater Withdrawals.

Status of Pending Large Groundwater Withdrawal Permit Applications
Town Applicant Requested Withdrawal Volume (gallons per day) Application Status
Colebrook Town of Colebrook 432,000 Preliminary Application Approved
Exeter Town of Exeter 576,000 Preliminary Application Approved
Grantham Village District of Eastman 172,800 Preliminary Application Approved
Littleton Littleton Water and Light 305,000 Final Report Received
Loudon Bright Farms, Inc. 148,000 Preliminary Application Approved
Newport Newport Water Works 576,000 Preliminary Application Received
Seabrook Town of Seabrook 288,000 Preliminary Application Approved
Thornton Owl’s Nest Resort and Golf Club 648,000 Preliminary Application Approved