Spill Response

Emergency response to petroleum and hazardous waste spills, and investigating complaints.

The Spill Response and Complaint Investigation Section (SRCIS) covers a wide variety of functions that range from emergency responses to petroleum and hazardous waste spills, investigating complaints related to improper handling and disposal of petroleum, hazardous and solid wastes onto the ground or into surface waters of the state.

SRCIS responds to a variety of spills and complaints including automotive accidents, residential heating oil spills, airplane crashes, leaking underground and leaking aboveground storage tanks, submerged vehicles/OHRVs, and abandoned containers.

SRCIS has offices in Concord and Newington to provide prompt response to spills and complaints. The Newington office located at the Pease International Tradeport is responsible for coastal oil spills and responses, and contains a dedicated space for use as an incident command post for emergency operations.

SRCIS personnel are available 24 hours a day seven days a week and are equipped with supplies that can be used for containing or packaging of spills and waste materials. Stockpiles of spill response equipment and supplies are maintained at several key locations around the state for use by local officials during emergency spill cleanup.

Several remedial contractors are under contract with the state to provide emergency cleanup services.

Coastal Response

Spills on New Hampshire's coast result from many sources like oily bilge discharges, impacts to storm drains, sunken or damaged vessels and storage tank failures.