Simple Wastewater Solution Reduces 99.8% Solids and BOD to ~400 mg/l Using a Grain Super Sack!

April 19, 2024

Are you looking for ways to significantly reduce the number of solids in your wastewater? Do you have issues capturing solid waste before it goes down the drain? The New England Environmental Finance Center (NCCEF) shared an idea created by Joel from Foundation Brewing Company with the New Hampshire Pollution Prevention (P2) program. Jole had discovered an incredibly simple solution that nearly eliminates the number of solids sent down the drain when brewing.  

All you need to get started is a super sack grain bag, an empty 55-gallon open poly drum/barrel, and a drill to make a few holes in the lower sides of the drum. After creating a few drainage holes in the bottom sides of the drum, line the drum with the repurposed empty grain bag making sure the knot is tied on the super sack. Place the hot side trub pipe into the bag in the barrel, open the port and rinse the trub. The solids will remain in the grain sack while the wastewater is free to filter out to the floor drain. Send the trub to compost and this simple, yet effective method reduces 99.8% of solids in wastewater, and reduces the biological oxygen demand (BOD) from roughly 320,000 mg/l to roughly 400 mg/l.

Watch this short video (3:39) showing how they do it!