Ammunition, Explosives, Fireworks, Flares

October 26, 2023

Contact your local police or fire department

Safely dispose of fireworks, flares, ammunition and explosives (in any condition) by first contacting your local police or fire department. Local authorities can assess the issue and request a response from the New Hampshire State Police Bomb Squad if necessary. If you are in an emergency situation and unable to get in touch with local authorities, contact the State Police 24-hour hotline at (603) 223-4381.


It is not necessary to put dud/unused fireworks in water. Authorities can properly dispose of fireworks when they are dry.

Types of flares

Road flares and marine flares contain hazardous materials; some of which are carcinogenic. If you have expired or unused flares, do not light them off for the sole purpose of disposing them. It is illegal and might be misconstrued as an actual emergency signal.

Battery-powered LED emergency signal devices (e-flares) are a safer, brighter, less hazardous alternative. While they are slightly more expensive than flares, they function for hours, whereas a flare is only good for 2 minutes. Traditional flares need to be replaced when they expire every 42 months after manufacturing. A basic e-flare only needs a periodic battery replacement.


Please contact the Solid Waste General Helpline via email at or by phone at (603) 271-2925.

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