SWOT: Writing Operating Plans

Start Date: July 26, 2023
Start Time: 9:00 AM
End Time: 12:00 PM
Location: NHDES, 29 Hazen Drive, Concord - Room 208C

This workshop is designed to assist SW Facility Managers, Owners and permittees develop operating plans that meet the requirements of the rules, conditions of their solid waste permit and any other regulations that the facility may be subject to. The instructors have developed a practical method for clarifying the parts of the operating plan and what facility activities should and can be covered in the plan. Attendees are to bring a copy of their permit and most current operating plan in order to complete the classroom activities.

The materials provided will assist facility representatives in updating the operating and closure plans specific to the solid waste facility in which they represent. Use the provided checklist to ensure all of the required information is included and updated in both the operating plan and closure plan.

Only 10 facilities in attendance with 2 representatives allowed.

O&C Plan Checklist

Email SWOT@des.nh.gov to register. Confirmation required for admission.