Wastewater State Aid Grants

Financial assistance to offset eligible costs from the construction of wastewater infrastructure projects.

Wastewater state aid grant (SAG) funds provide financial assistance to New Hampshire communities to offset eligible costs for the engineering and construction of wastewater infrastructure projects as defined in RSA 486. The state reimburses the municipality 20% or 30% of the eligible costs incurred during the design and construction of wastewater facilities, plus a proportionate share of interest on borrowing for the project. SAG eligibility is determined through NHDES involvement during design review and throughout project construction.

A SAG pre-application must be submitted in order for an eligible project to be included on the SAG Project Priority List. Applicants should submit a SAG application upon completion of construction. 

SAG Plus: 

Funds may be available to reimburse municipalities an additional 10% of eligible costs for the acquisition or construction of septage and sludge handling and treatment facilities that result in increased septage handling and/or treatment capacity. The SAG Plus grant amount may be increased by two percent for each municipality with which the host community holds a written agreement to provide for their septage disposal needs. The total grant amount, including the SAG contribution, shall not exceed 50% of the eligible costs. Applicants may apply for this additional grant money using the pre-application and protocol for the SAG program.