Used Oil Collection Gift Grant Program

Gift grants offered to municipalities to help with their used oil collection centers.

containers of used oil for recyclingNHDES issues gift grants (meaning they are not matching grants) for the purpose of encouraging the establishment, improvement and operation of used oil collection centers that serve residents who change their own oil (Do-It-Yourselfers). The used oil that is collected at these centers is then properly recycled at licensed used oil recycling facilities.

Towns, cities, counties, solid waste districts, other government entities and nonprofit organizations that focus on waste management and recycling issues are eligible to receive used oil collection gift grant funds. The grant funds are also available to private businesses that are registered motor vehicle inspection stations. Most grants are for a specified amount, up to $2,500. A center that serves two or more towns may qualify for up to $5,000.

Grant funds may be used to establish, improve or operate a used oil collection center, as well as to transport used oil off-site to a licensed used oil recycler.

Used Oil Collection Assistance Grant Application

Used Oil Grant Program Brochure