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Underground Storage Tank Operator Training

Class A & B Operator training for underground motor and fuel oil storage tank owners and their representatives.

class materials spread out on stageNHDES is currently developing an online class but at this time not offering any classes. Based on Governor Sununu's Emergency Oder #29, any person holding a tank operator certification that has expired since March 13, 2020, or whose certification expired as a result of cancellation of training due to the declared state of emergency, the time period for renewal in RSA 146-C:18 is hereby extended 180 days past the date at which the department resumes offering training and certification. 

The Federal Energy Policy Act requires states to develop training guidelines for three distinct classes of operators who operate and maintain federally regulated underground storage tank systems. RSA 146-C:17-21 requires that all regulated facilities in New Hampshire have designated Class A, B and C operators who have been trained and certified in accordance with an approved training program.

A state law went into effect May 26, 2010, requiring owners of New Hampshire regulated motor and fuel oil underground storage tank facilities to assign designated A, B and C operators who have been trained and certified by a NHDES-approved training program. NHDES also provides one of the approved A and B operator training programs; view upcoming class dates and other approved training courses below.

The law requires all facilities to have at least one designated operator for each class.

  • Class A operators will be designated by owners to have primary statutory and regulatory responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the facility. This class of operator could potentially be the facility owner or person in charge of the tank system.
  • Class B operators will be designated by owners to implement applicable regulatory requirements as well as the daily aspects of the facility’s operation, maintenance, and recordkeeping. A maintenance person, an underground storage tank contractor, or consultant could potentially fill this class.
  • Class C operators will be designated by the owner to have primary responsibility for responding to alarms, emergencies presented by spills or releases, and other problem associated with the operation of the facility. A store manager or maintenance person could potentially fill this class.

Owners must designate the Class A and B operators to NHDES and post a list of Class C operators at their facility.

Currently, operators can attend the NHDES Underground Storage Tank Operator Training Class for training and certification as both Class A and B operators. Operators who have current certification with the International Code Council as an underground storage facility operator or underground storage facility system installer or retrofitter can also be considered Class A and B operators, respectively. Those trained and certified as Class A or B operators will be eligible to train Class C operators at their facilities. More training options for all operators may become available as NHDES receives submissions for operator training programs approval.

There is no application or fee for the class. Class registrations are processed immediately. Statements of training, which must be submitted by all regulated facilities in New Hampshire, will be processed within 24-48 hours of receiving them. Certifications must be renewed every two years.


Training Re-certification

Re-certification can be obtained by either of the following options:

  1. Attend another session and pass the test again.
  2. Operators whose facilities are in compliance are eligible to take the re-certification test without attending the course. Those appointments will be made per request; please contact Suzanne Picone via email at

The following are the items that you need to accomplish after becoming trained and certified by an approved training program:

Approved Operator Training Classes

Program Name Date Approved Operator Class Contact Information

UST Class A and B Operator Training Class

May-26-2010 Class A and B

Class A UST System Operator – AU

May-26-2010 Class A

UST Installation/Retrofitting – U1 May-26-2010 Class B

Practical American Safety Solutions
Class C Operator UST Training

Sep-10-2010 Class C

JMM Management Group
Class C UST Operator Training

Sep-10-2010 Class C

UST Training
UST Class C Online Training
UST Class C Online Training (Hindi Language)



Class C

Tait Environmental
Underground Storage Tank Class C Operator Certification
Feb-15-2011 Class C

Titan Management Group
Class C Training

Mar-08-2011 Class C

ECS Eclipse
Class C UST Operator Training

Apr-06-2012 Class C

Dependable Petroleum Service Company, Inc., Class C Operator UST Feb-24-2017 Class C

Petro Classroom
UST NH Class C Online Training

Mar-08-2021 Class C
UST Operator Training Specialist