Record Breaking Requests for Local Source Water Protection Grant Projects

Date: March 03, 2023

Every year the Local Source Water Protection Grant Program provides funding for organizations to complete local projects that better protect public drinking water sources. At this past November’s grant application deadline, a record number of grant requests were submitted to the Source Water Protection Program. The program received 23 applications totaling over $450,000 in funding requests. Applications submitted last fall included projects that will make significant updates to municipal groundwater protection zoning and stormwater regulations, monitor community water supply wells to evaluate salt (chloride) contamination and develop mitigation options, and pay transaction costs associated with conserving critical water supply lands. Funding from this grant program is available to municipalities, public water systems, and a variety of local and regional organizations to help them protect the quality and availability of local drinking water sources. Find out more about the grant program and NHDES’ Source Water Protection Program by visiting the program’s webpage.