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Collaborative Training Developed for Solid Waste Operators

Date: May 06, 2021

The Solid Waste Operator Training (SWOT) Program has partnered with the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) to provide a two-part online workshop series discussing Waste Diversion for solid waste operators, those affiliated with solid waste facilities and any other interested parties. The purpose of the training is to provide attendees with alternative methods for handling solid waste instead of landfilling and incineration. The workshops were developed specifically with New Hampshire communities in mind.

The first session, “Implementing Waste Diversion – Beyond Recycling,” occurred in April. Topics of discussion included waste diversion and why it is important; how communities can calculate waste diversion rates; and specific strategies and examples of how New Hampshire municipalities can reduce their waste. The strategies discussed in the first training included compacting construction and demolition debris, implementing Pay-As-You-Throw programs, composting, swap shops, full cost accounting and textile bins, and resident education.

The second session, “Understanding Recycling Markets and Practical Tips,” is scheduled for June 2 from 9 AM-noon. This second part of the workshop series will focus on recycling solid waste. NRRA has been assisting municipalities with their recycling needs for 40 years and will be covering practical tips and tricks; success stories; and implementation techniques they have learned along the way that will make residents want to follow along. The key to recycling is to customize it to your town following market trends and NRRA can assist with that. If you are interested in attending, please register for this session.

To view the recordings of other SWOT Workshops or to see the schedule of upcoming workshops, please visit the SWOT webpage. For any questions regarding the SWOT Program, please contact Tara Mae Albert, SWOT Coordinator, at or (603) 271-3713.

For information on the NRRA, please go to