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New Hampshire Solid Waste Working Group

The Solid Waste Working Group is responsible for assisting NHDES with solid waste planning and policy initiatives.

The New Hampshire Solid Waste Working Group is a statutory committee formed by HB 413 (2021) to assist the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services with planning and policy initiatives related to solid waste management. Established for a period of five years (until November 1, 2026), the Working Group is comprised of members representing various public and private entities involved with solid waste management.

Working Group Members

As outlined in HB 413, the Solid Waste Working Group is charged with the following tasks:

  • Assist the department in long-range planning for and the development of creative, effective solutions to the state’s solid waste management challenges.
  • Review and make recommendations for changes to the state’s existing solid waste reduction, recycling, and management policies, programs, goals, and initiatives.
  • Review and make recommendations regarding the impact of regional solid waste management initiatives, including landfill waste disposal bans, on our state and our solid waste disposal landfill capacity.
  • Advise the department in the development of the solid waste management plan required by RSA 149-M:29.
  • Review and recommend methods to better provide technical assistance and educational outreach to municipalities, schools, businesses, and the public regarding solid waste reduction, recycling, and management policies.
  • Review and recommend ways to better implement the solid waste hierarchy and solid waste reduction goals, under RSA 149-M:3.
  • Review and make recommendations based on the 2019, 265 (HB 617) study committee report on recycling and solid waste management in New Hampshire.
  • Review such other matters as the working group deems necessary and to recommend any related legislation, policy, or rule changes.
Meetings of the Solid Waste Working Group
Date Agendas Minutes Documents
October 29, 2021 Agenda Minutes
December 10, 2021 Agenda  
February 25, 2022      
April 22, 2022      
June 24, 2022      
August 26, 2022      
October 28, 2022      




















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