Communicate and Take Action

Take steps to correct sources of lead in drinking water.

“Remediation” refers to the steps taken to correct sources of lead in drinking water. If sample results are at or above 5 parts per billion (ppb), facilities are required to remediate and report action(s) to NHDES. Report Remediation.

Because there is no known safe level of lead in drinking water, schools and child care programs may choose to correct outlets with sample results below 5 ppb.

The following are three key steps to remediation:

illustration that shows a banned symbol over someone drinking1. Block Access

As a short-term measure, immediately block off access to locations where sample results are at or above 5 ppb. Only provide children with drinking water that meets the standard.

Download template signs  

illustration of a smart phone with a chat bubble on the screen2. Communicate to Parents and Guardians

If any sample results show lead at or above 5 ppb, parents and guardians must be notified within 5 business days. Notifications shall be made in at least 2 places including, but not limited to, the school or school administrative unit or child care program website and at least one method of direct communication (e.g., email or printed flyer).

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pliers on pipes3. Address the Lead and Report Action(s) to NHDES

Examples of addressing lead in drinking water include: using a filter certified to remove lead, replacing a fixture or plumbing, and permanently removing the water outlet from service. 

There are many factors to consider when deciding how to take measures to correct the sources of lead in drinking water (remediate). See the guide on How to Address Lead in Drinking Water for more information. Retesting is required after any remediation is completed to make sure the remediation was effective. When completed, please report the actions taken to NHDES.

There may be funding to help cover some remediation costs. For more information, view the Available Funding webpage.

4. Resample After Remediation

State law requires that facilities resample after remediation measures have been implemented to show that lead levels do not exceed 5 ppb. To request additional sample bottles for resampling, please contact your lab. If enrolled in the Get the Lead Out of Drinking Water Program, you may have received an email from with more information on resampling.