Compliance and Reporting

The SWMB assures compliance in order to protect public health, safety and environmental quality.

Solid waste management facilities and closed landfills in New Hampshire must comply with applicable rules, regulations and permit conditions to assure protection of public health, safety and environmental quality. All facilities are subject to inspection by NHDES, and most facilities must regularly report information to the agency. To facilitate a high degree of compliance, NHDES undertakes a range of compliance assurance activities, including technical assistance, operator training and certification, evaluation of compliance data and reporting information, facility inspection, and enforcement actions.

Solid waste facilities are managed through a permit system via RSA 149-M. This law authorizes and directs NHDES to adopt rules pursuant to the law. All solid waste facilities shall construct, operate and close in compliance with the NH Solid Waste Rules Env-Sw 100-2000. There are a variety of types of solid waste facilities, therefore, NHDES has developed permits that allow for permittees to choose one that best fits their need. For more, see the Solid Waste Permitting webpage.

The NHDES Solid Waste Management Bureau has created tools and resources to assist solid waste permittees in maintaining compliance with requirements when they are operating facilities. This includes outreach materials and fact sheets, forms that mimic reporting requirements and also training to assist operators in managing waste at their facility. Below are links to the variety of programs and information provided by NHDES.

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Financial Assurance guarantees availability of funds 

Some solid waste facilities are required to provide financial assurance to guarantee that there will be sufficient funds to properly close the facility when business operations are terminated and to cover the cost of post-closure monitoring and maintenance. Financial assurance must be provided prior to commencing facility operations and updated regularly to reflect current permit and facility conditions.  

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 Solid Waste Haulers must register with the state 

Solid waste haulers must register with the department to do business in New Hampshire. Once registered, haulers are required to annually report the quantity, source and destination of certain types of solid waste collected and hauled in New Hampshire. Registration is a form of notification; it is not an application to obtain approval to perform a specific activity. NHDES uses the hauler registrations solely to compile and maintain a mailing list of solid waste haulers required to annually report to the department.  

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Solid Waste Operator Training and Certification 

All operators who work at permitted solid waste facilities in New Hampshire must be certified by NHDES through the Solid Waste Operator Training (SWOT) Program. The solid waste facility operator training and certification program increases awareness of and compliance with RSA 149-M and the New Hampshire Solid Waste Rules through education and training. Operators that understand the requirements are in a better position to properly maintain their facility, control operating costs, and protect public health and the environment.  

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Annual Facility Reports

Solid waste facilities in New Hampshire are required by their permit and Env-Sw 1105.07(b) to submit an Annual Facility Report (AFR) or Post-Closure Report (PCR) to NHDES by March 31 of each year. The reports assist NHDES in its mission to help sustain a high quality of life for all citizens by protecting the environment and public health of New Hampshire.

  • Annual Facility Reports (AFR) for Active Solid Waste Facilities
    The purpose of the AFR is to inform NHDES of solid waste management activities occurring at your facility. Find the AFR form on our NH Online forms portal
  • Post-Closure Reports (PCR) for Inactive Solid Waste Landfills
    The purpose of the PCR is to inform NHDES of closure monitoring and maintenance performed at your inactive landfill every year. Find the PCR form on our NH Online forms portal.
  • Volume to Weight Conversion Table
    The Volume to Weight conversion table is a handy tool to help determine weight for many common forms of waste products.

Have an Incident at Your Facility? What do you do?

Managing solid waste has landed in the Top 10 most dangerous jobs for decades, which leads one to believe that incidents occur on a relatively regular basis. For that reason, facilities are required to report incidents that either involve an imminent or substantial risk or which is a violation of the solid waste rules and/or permit. There are very specific rules regarding reporting of incidents including the How? What? Where? When? & Why? Incidents applicable to Env-Sw 1005.09 require verbal notification to NHDES as soon as practicable. Verbal incidents should be reported to the Solid Waste Management Bureau by calling (603) 271-2925.

A written report of the incident is due to NHDES within 5 days. Find the Incident Report Form for Solid Waste Management Facilities on our NH Online Forms Portal.