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Aboveground Storage Tank
Aboveground Storage Tank Site Query
Acid Rain
Adaptation Tool-kit
Air Compliance Reporting
Air E-Permitting
Air Emission Monitoring for Stationary Sources
Air Modeling
Air Monitoring
Air Permitting
Air Pollutants of Concern
Air Pollution Transport
Air Quality Action Days
Air QualityForecast
Air Resources Division
Air Stationary Source Query
Air Toxic Pollutants
Alteration of Terrain
Alteration of Terrain Permit Application Query
ARM (Aquatic Resource Mitigation) Program
Arsenic in Drinking Water
Asbestos Management
Asbestos Disposal Sites Program
Asset Management
Assistance for Small Businesses
Auto Body Shop Assistance
Auto Salvage Yards – Green Yards
Automotive Industry

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Be Well Informed
Beach Inspection Program
Beach Permitting
Biomonitoring Program
Boat Pumpouts (Clean Vessel Act)
Boil Water Orders
Bottled Water Site Query
Bulk Water for Public Water Systems
Burning Brush
Burning Construction and Demolition Debris
Burning Household Waste (Residential Trash)

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Calendar of Events
Capacity Assurance
Cathode Ray Tubes
CERCLIS (Pre-Remedial)
Certified Rules
Chemical Monitoring Waivers
Clean Cities, Granite State Coalition
Clean Diesel Grant Program
Clean Lakes
Clean Vessel Act (Boat Pumpouts)
Climate Change
Climate Change Adaptation Tool-kit
Climate Resilience for Drinking Water & Wastewater
Coastal Estuarine Land Conservation Program
Coastal Program (NH Coastal Zone Management)
Coastal Watershed Invasive Plant Partnership
Collision Repair Shop Assistance
Combined Sewer Overflow
Commissioner’s Office
Community Well Sitings
Compliance Assistance for Small Businesses
Consolidated List of Waterbodies Subject to RSA 483-B
Continuous Emission Monitoring
Continuous Process Improvement at NHDES

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Dam Removal and River Restoration
Dam Safety and Maintenance
Department of Defense Sites
Designated Rivers
Diesel Vehicles
Directions to NHDES
Disaster Preparedness & Response
Docks and Shoreline Structures
Drinking Water and Groundwater Bureau
Drinking Water and Groundwater Trust Fund, NH
Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Reports
Drinking Water Operator Certification Program
Drinking Water Source Protection Program
Drinking Water Systems Public Notice Forms
Drought Management

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Electric Vehicles
Emergency Phone Numbers
Emergency Planning/Security for Public Water Systems
Emission Monitoring
Emissions Inventory
Emissions Reductions Trading
Employment Opportunities
End-of-Life Vehicles
Energy Facility Site Evaluation Committee
Energy Programs/Climate Change
Enforcement Actions
Engineer Prequalification
Environmental Dashboard
Environmental Education
Environmental Health
Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program
Environmental Monitoring Database (EMD)
Environmental News
Environmental Trends
Exotic Species Program

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Fact Sheets
Federal Storm Water Program (Phase II)
RSA 91-A: Right-to-Know
Firefighter Training
Fish Consumption Information
Flood and Geologic Hazards Program
Fluorescent Lamps

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Gasoline in New Hampshire
Gasoline Vapor Recovery
Geologic Data Preservation Program
Geologic Mapping Program
Geological Survey
Gold Prospecting and Recreational Mineral Dredging Permit
Governor’s Award
Grants & Loans
Great Bay Estuary
Great Bay Siltation Commission
Great Ponds
Green Hospitality
Green Slopes
Green Yards Program
Greenhouse Gas Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Groundwater Level Monitoring Program
Groundwater Discharges
Groundwater Investigations for Landfills
Groundwater Permit Site Query
Groundwater Protection
Groundwater Reclassification
Guidance Documents

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Haulers; Commercial Solid Waste
Hazardous Waste Compliance
Hazardous Waste Coordinator Certification Training
Hazardous Waste Generator Query
Hazardous Waste Management Bureau
Hazardous Waste Remediation (State Sites)
Hazardous Waste Transporters Program
Health Care Facilities
Health Risk Assessment
Hodgson Brook Restoration Project
Home Healthcare
Homeowner Sampling Container Request - State Public Health Lab
Household Hazardous Waste
Household Pollution Prevention

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Inactive Asbestos Disposal Site Query
Industrial Discharge Permit
Industrial Pretreatment
Initial Response Subsection
Innovative Technology
Instream Flow Protection Program
Internships: UNH/NHPPP
Invasive Plant Species
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Junk Yards
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Laboratory Accreditation
Laboratory Search
Laboratory Services Unit at the State Public Health Laboratory
LACs – Rivers
Lake Level Data
Lake Water Quality Reports
Land Resources Management
Landfill & Incinerator Closure Grants
Large Groundwater Withdrawals
Lawn Care and Water Quality Guidance
Lead and Copper Program for Public Water Systems
Lead in Drinking Water
LEAN Process Improvement
Legal Unit
Loans (Grants & Loans)

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Manure Management for Small Farms
Mean High Water
Medicine Disposal Information for New Hampshire
Mendums Pond Repair Project
Mercury-Containing Devices
Mercury Reduction
Mission Statement
Mobile Sources
Motor Vehicles
MtBE/Gasoline in NH
MtBE Remediation Bureau
Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Permit
Municipal EcoLink

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NH Drinking Water and Groundwater Trust Fund website
Natural Heritage Bureau DataCheck (requires IE 5.0 or above)
Natural Mean High Water
New Hampshire Geological Survey
New Hampshire Hydrography Dataset Program
New Hampshire's Environmental Dashboard
Nonpoint Source Pollution
NPDES Federal Storm Water Program (Phase II)
NPDES Permits

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Official List of Public Waters Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Oil Spill
On Board Diagnostics
On-premise-use heating oil tanks
OneStop Data and Information
OneStop Data Contacts
OneStop Data Mapper
OneStop Data Provider Contacts
Open Burning
Outdoor Wood-Fired Hydronic Heaters
Ozone (Smog)

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Paint: Reducing and Disposing of Leftover Paint

Particle Pollution (Particulate Matter)
Pepperweed Patrol
Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) Found in Southern New Hampshire Drinking Water Investigation
Performance Partnership Agreement (PPA)
Permitting - Air
Pet Waste Outreach Campaign
Petroleum Reimbursement
Petroleum Remediation
Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products
Point Source Pollution
Pollutants of Concern
Pollution Prevention
Pollution Prevention Internships
Pre-Application Meeting Request
Prime Wetlands
Printing Industry
Private Well Testing
Project WET (Water Education for Teachers)
Proposed Rules
Public Bathing Facility Program
Public Information and Permitting
Public Notice (for Public Water Systems)
Public Pool and Spa Program
Public Water Systems
Public Water System Annual Compliance Report Violation Query
Public Water System Contact Query
Public Water System Search
Public Water System Sampling Container Request
Public Waters Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Pump Installer (Licensed) Search

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Quality Assurance System at NHDES
Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) – Watershed Assistance Section
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RFP Opportunities
Radionuclides in Drinking Water
Real Time Lake Level Data
Real-Time Data & Information for Watersheds in New Hampshire
Recently Adopted Rules
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
Regional Haze
Remediation and Initial Response Spill Site Query
Reporting and Information Management Section
The Rip Tide
Rivers Management and Protection Program
Road Salt Reduction

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Salt Reduction
Sample Collection and Preservation Manual (for Public Water Systems)
The Sampler
SafeTank Program
School Environments
Section 401 Water Quality Certificate (see Water Quality Certification)
Selling Developed Waterfront Property, Site Assessment Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Septic Systems
Sharps Disposal
Shellfish Program
Shoreland Program – Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act
Shoreland Protection - Protected Waterbodies
Site Assessment: Selling Developed Waterfront Property Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Site Evaluation Committee (Energy Facility)
Small Businesses
Small Business Technical Assistance Program
Small Quantity Generator Self-Certification Program
Small Water System Help Center/Capacity Assurance
Smart Growth
Smoke Detectors
Solid Waste Management and Disposal Information
The Source
Special Investigations Section
Spill Response
Stack Testing
State Implementation Plan
State Managed Sites
Storm Disaster Recovery
Stormwater Manual
Strategic Planning at NHDES
Streams and Stream Crossings
Subdivision of Land
Subsurface Active Designers & Installers
Subsurface Application & Approval Status
Subsurface Systems File And Archive Record Request Form
Suncook River Watershed
Superfund (CERCLA)
Supply Lines
Supply Lines with The Source
Surface Water Discharge Permit
Surface Water Quality Assessments [305(b) and 303(d)]
Surface Water Quality Report Card Query

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Teachers’ Resources
This is New Hampshire story map
Title V Reporting Guidance
Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program
Town Officials
Toxic Air Pollutants
Trash Burning

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Underground Storage Tank
Underground Storage Tank Operator Training Program
Underground Storage Tank Site Query
Universal Waste
University of New Hampshire
Uranium in Drinking Water
Used Oil

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Vapor Recovery
Vapor Recovery Site Query
Volunteer Lake Assessment Program
Volunteer River Assessment Program
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Waste Management Division
Waste Management Division Activity Reports and Service Provider Listing
Wastewater Engineering Bureau
Water Conservation
Water Division
Water Division Complaints
Water Education for Teachers (Project Wet)
Water Quality Certification (formerly Section 401 Water Quality Certification)
Water Quality Standards
Water Resources Plan
Water Resources Primer
Water System Emergency Planning/Security
Water Use Registration and Reporting Program
Water Well Board
Water Well Construction Record Search
Water Well Contractor (Licensed) Search
Water Well Inventory Program
Water Well Testing
Water Works Operator Certification Program
Waterbodies Subject to RSA 483-B
Waterfront Property; Site Assessment Required to Sell
Watershed Assistance
Watershed Assistance Grant Database
Watershed Management Bureau
Well Records
Well Testing
Well Owner Contamination Notification
We're for Water
Wetlands Bureau
Wetland & Shoreland Permit Application Query
Winnipesaukee River Basin
Wood Finishing
Wood Stoves
Woodstove Changeout

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Youth Recreation Camp Licensing Program
Youth Skills Camp Program
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