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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I become a certified NHDES Salt Applicator?

Individuals who have attended the Green SnowPro Training and passed the exam are eligible to apply for the voluntary NHDES Salt Applicator Certification per RSA 489-C and Code of Administrative Rules Env-Wq 2200. To obtain your certification from NHDES and obtain liability protection for you and your clients from slip and falls you must:

  1. Take the Green SnowPro Training Workshop and pass the exam.
  2. Fill out and submit the Salt Applicator for Initial or Renewal Certification FormMicrosoft Word Symbol to NHDES (certification expires every June.)
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How do I maintain my NHDES Salt Applicator Certification?
  1. Annually in June, fill out and submit the Salt Applicator for Initial or Renewal Certification FormMicrosoft Word Symbolto NHDES (certification expires every June.)
  2. Every two years attend at least two hours of Professional Development Courses. Options include:
    • UNH Technology Transfer (T2) two hour Green SnowPro refresher course.
    • The Annual NH Salt Symposium Usually held in September.
    • Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) on-line refresher courses – Under the Advanced Snow Management Program, pick one: Core Principles (a pre-requisite for the other courses), Ice Management, Plowing Operations, and Sidewalk Operations.
  3. Annually log your total salt usage into the FREE salt accounting system. To ensure maximum liability protection, also keep track of your activities for each storm event including each site visit, target application rates, weather conditions, and use of recommended best practices. You may use the free salt accounting system to track these records.
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If I became certified this past fall, winter or spring, do I need to fill out the re-certification form this June?

Yes all certificates need to be renewed annually by June 30th. However, if your initial certificateMicrosoft Word Symbolwas issued after January 1st you will not need to renew your certificate within the first year of being issued.

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Do I have to use the NH Salt Management System to track my salt use?

Yes. However, if for some reason you don’t have access to a computer, or have trouble with the online system NHDES can provide a paper version of the salt accounting report.

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If I become certified and change jobs, am I still certified?

Yes. The certificate is issued to you personally and not the company you are working for. If you change companies you are still a NHDES Certified Salt Applicator.

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Who from my company needs to be trained so we can be eligible for the liability protection?

We suggest that you send as many people to the training course as you are comfortable paying for. Training your entire crew will help bolster a team oriented approach in your winter maintenance crew. One person from the crew can apply for a master certificate providing liability protection for the entire company, and having other certified individuals within your company will help bolster the liability protection for your company and increase the professionalism in your organization.

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Why do I need to report the amount of salt I use?

NHDES has found that roughly 50% of salt pollution is coming from private contractors who are over applying as a way to manage their risk of being sued by someone who slips and falls on the property they maintain. By creating liability protection for private salt applicators, NHDES has created a safety net for certified contractors to cut back on their salt use, and the annual salt report is a way to track these salt reductions over time.

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When do I need to complete refresher training?

Every two years after you take the initial Green SnowPro training course you are required to take a two hour refresher course. Currently UNH Technology Transfer (T2) provides a two hour in class refresher course, and the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) provides an online refresher training module. You can also meet the refresher training requirements by attending the annual NH Salt Symposium held each year in the fall.

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Why do Master certificate holders need to report the names of their employees and contractors?

To be eligible for the liability protection master certificate holders are required to train, keep track of all salt use within their company, and complete the annual reporting every year. The certification requirements in Env WQ 2200, including reporting the names of salt applicators under a master certificate holders supervision, are designed to help build the best case to defend your company in the event you face a slip and fall claim.

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Why should I pay for a subordinate certificate if my entire company is covered under my master certificate?
  • Having subordinate certificate holders in your company can only help to create a more solid defense case in the event you face a slip and fall lawsuit.
  • Keeping your staff up to date on certification is a great way to show your professionalism and dedication to your clients.
  • Subordinate certificates are a great way to invest in your company and your employees.
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How can I explain why someone should hire me now that I am certified?

You can let your potential clients know that if they hire you they will be granted liability protection under RSA 508:22, where they are not liable for damages arising from snow and ice conditions on their property (slip and fall claims). Explain to them that you have been trained in the most up to date snow management practices to ensure a high level of service and safe conditions on the properties that you maintain. You can also provide them with a Green SnowPro Business Flier Adobe Acrobat Reader Symboldesigned for certified applicators to distribute to potential clients.

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