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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

New Hampshire Lake Ice-In and Ice-Out Records

Ice out at Highland Lake, Andover, NHThe NH NHDES VLAP began tracking Lake ice-in and ice-out dates in 2011 as there was no central repository for this information in New Hampshire. Many New Hampshire lakes have historical ice out records dating back to the early 1900's, Lakes Sunapee and Winnipesaukee to the 1880's, but not as much data exists for ice-in records. Tracking both ice-in and ice-out allows the determination of total ice cover days which is another important part of tracking physical, chemical and biological changes to lakes over time. With the erratic weather conditions experienced in recent years, the information can also help track climatological shifts and trends.

"Ice-out" is the term typically used to describe when the ice leaves a lake in the spring. Some consider this to be when the ice has melted and broken up enough to navigate a boat from one end of a lake or pond to the other, or when the lake is completely free of ice. Although ice-out definitions may vary slightly from lake to lake, the important thing is consistency and utilizing the same method to determine ice-out for your lake each year. "Ice-in" is the term used to describe when ice covers a lake in the fall. Ice-in can be more difficult to determine but typically is when the lake is completely or nearly completely covered with ice, however a thin skim of ice is not considered ice-in.

VLAP currently has records for approximately 50 New Hampshire lakes and hopes to add additional lakes to the database. To enter your lake's ice-in and ice-out data, utilize the new online form at Once the data for you lake have been entered, historical records are stored electronically and area available upon request for use in lake association publications, scientific research and articles. For additional information, please contact Sara Steiner, VLAP Coordinator, at If you experience any technical problems with the new form system, including sign-in issues, errors and general instruction on using this system, please contact

2016-2017 Ice-In and Ice-Out Reports
Ice-In Date Ice-Out Date Total Days of
Ice Cover
Total Weeks
of Ice Cover
Lake Name Town
11/30/2016 4/15/2017 136 19.4 Highland Lake Stoddard
12/5/2016 4/14/2017 130 18.6 Crescent Lake Acworth
12/6/2016 4/11/2017 126 18.0 Rand Pond Goshen
12/13/2016 4/6/2017 114 16.3 Pillsbury Lake Webster
12/6/2016       Norway Pond Hancock
12/7/2016 2/28/2017 83 11.9 Pearly Pond Rindge
12/8/2016       Canaan St. Lake Canaan
12/8/2016 4/12/2017 125 17.9 Lake Gardner Bath
12/9/2016 4/18/2017 130 18.6 Burns Pond Whitefield
12/10/2016 4/11/2017 122 17.4 Gregg Lake Antrim
12/10/2016 3/30/2017 110 15.7 Powwow Pond East Kingston
12/10/2016 3/1/2017 81 11.6 Robinson Pond Hudson
12/10/2016 4/18/2017 129 18.4 Wicwas Lake Meredith
12/10/2016 4/19/2017 130 18.6 Bearcamp Pond Sandwich
12/10/2016 4/19/2017 130 18.6 Lake Tarleton Piermont
12/11/2016 4/11/2017 121 17.3 Ayers Lake Barrington
12/11/2016 4/14/2017 124 17.7 Halfmoon Lake Barnstead
12/11/2016 4/18/2017 128 18.3 Hawkins Pond Center Habor
12/11/2016 4/16/2017 126 18.0 Island Pond Washington
12/11/2016 4/16/2017 126 18.0 Crystal Lake Gilmanton
12/11/2016 4/16/2017 126 18.0 Nubanusit Lake Nelson
12/11/2016       Jenness Pond Northwood
12/11/2016 4/16/2017 126 18.0 Otter Pond Sunapee
12/11/2016       Partridge Lake Littleton
12/11/2016 4/14/2017 124 17.7 Thorndike Pond Jaffrey
12/11/2016 4/12/2017 122 17.4 Winnepocket Lake Webster
12/11/2016       Walker Pond Webster
12/11/2016 4/17/2017 127 18.1 Lees Pond Moultonborough
12/12/2016 4/11/2017 120 17.1 Clough Pond Loudon
12/12/2016       Monomonac Lake  Rindge
12/12/2016 4/18/2017 127 18.1 Waukewan Lake Meredith
12/12/2016 4/16/2017 125 17.9 Highland Lake Andover
12/14/2016       Long Pond Danville
12/14/2016 4/16/2017 123 17.6 Millen Pond Washington
12/14/2016 4/15/2017 122 17.4 Russell Reservoir Harrisville
12/14/2016 3/9/2017 85 12.1 Wilson Pond Swanzey
12/15/2016 4/16/2017 122 17.4 Webster Lake Franklin
12/16/2016 4/20/2017 125 17.9 Lower Beech Pond Tuftonboro
12/16/2016 4/11/2017 116 16.6 Pleasant Lake Deerfield
12/16/2016       Rust Pond Wolfeboro
12/16/2016 4/16/2017 121 17.3 Todd Lake Newbury
12/17/2016 4/17/2017 121 17.3 Mascoma Lake Enfield
12/18/2016 2/28/2017 72 10.3 Canobie Lake  Salem
12/19/2016 4/9/2017 111 15.9 Lake Massabesic Manchester
12/19/2016 4/18/2017 120 17.1 Ossipee Lake Ossipee
12/20/2016       Spofford Lake Chesterfield
12/20/2016       Big Island Pond Derry
12/20/2016       Dublin Lake Dublin
12/20/2016 4/25/2017 126 18.0 Stinson Lake Rumney
12/21/2016 3/4/2017 73 10.4 Swanzey Lake Swanzey
12/24/2016 4/10/2017 107 15.3 Pleasant Pond Francestown
  3/2/2017     Cobbetts Pond Windham
  4/7/2017     Onway Lake Raymond
  4/7/2017     Angle Pond Sandown
  4/10/2017     Willand Pond Dover/Somersworth
  4/10/2017     Northwood Lake Northwood
  4/14/2017     Sunrise Lake Middleton
  4/16/2017     Hunkins Pond Sanbornton
  4/16/2017     Ashuelot Pond Washington
  4/16/2017     Pleasant Lake New London
  4/16/2017     Messer Pond New London
  4/16/2017     Lake Sunapee Sunapee
  4/17/2017     Waukeena Lake Danbury
  4/17/2017     Bradley Lake  Andover
  4/17/2017     Lake Winnipesaukee  
  4/17/2017     Baptist Pond Springfield
  4/17/2017     Eastman Pond Grantham
  4/21/2017     Kilton Pond Grafton
  4/21/2017     Lake Winona New Hampton
  4/22/2017     Martin Meadow Pond Lancaster

New Hampshire Lakes Tracking Ice-In and/or Ice-Out
(Updated 3/18/2016)
Lake Name Town
Angle Pond Sandown
Armington Lake Piermont
Ayers Lake Barrington
Baptist Pond Springfield
Blaisdell Lake Sutton
Bradley Lake Andover
Canobie Lake Salem
Captains Pond Salem
Cobbetts Pond Windham
Crescent Lake Acworth
Crystal Lake Gilmanton
Dan Hole Pond Tuftonboro
Dublin Lake Dublin
Eastman Lake Grantham
Gardner Lake Bath
Goose Pond Canaan
Halfmoon Pond Washington
Harantis Lake Chester
Hawkins Pond Center Harbor
Highland Lake Andover
Highland Lake Stoddard
Island Pond Washington
Jenness Pond Northwood
Kezar Lake North Sutton
Kilton Pond Grafton
Kolelemook Lake Springfield
Lees Pond Moultonboro
Long Pond Danville
Lower Danforth Pond Freedom
Massasecum Lake Bradford
Messer Pond New London
Mill Pond East Washington
Millen Pond Washington
Mirror Lake Tuftonboro
Monomonac Lake Rindge
Norway Pond Hancock
Onway Lake Raymond
Ossipee Lake Ossipee
Otter Pond Sunapee
Pearly Pond Rindge
Pillsbury Lake Webster
Pine River Pond Wakefield
Pleasant Lake Deerfield
Pleasant Lake New London
Pool Pond Rindge
Robinson Pond Hudson
Rust Pond Wolfeboro
Silver Lake Harrisville
Skatutakee Lake Harrisville
Stinson Lake Rumney
Spofford Lake Chesterfield
Squam Lake Holderness
Sunapee Lake Sunapee
Sunrise Lake Middleton
Lake Tarleton  Piermont
Todd Lake Newbury
Turee Pond Bow
Walker Pond Boscawen/Webster
Waukeena Lake Danbury
Waukewan Lake Meredith
Webster Lake Franklin
Wicwas Lake Meredith
Wilson Pond Swanzey
Winnepocket Lake Webster
Winona Lake New Hampton

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