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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Designated Rivers
Lamprey River

I. Introduction

The Lamprey River begins in the town of Northwood, New Hampshire, and flows through several towns before becoming a tidal river in Newmarket and emptying into the Great Bay. A 9.5 mile segment of the Lamprey River in the towns of Lee and Durham has been nominated by the Lamprey River Watershed Association for designation into the New Hampshire Rivers Management and Protection Program. The river segment has been evaluated by the Department of Environmental Services and found to qualify for designation.

The Rivers Management and Protection Program Act was passed by the General Court in 1988. The Act states in part: "It is the policy of the state to ensure the continued Unity of New Hampshire rivers for the benefit of present and future generations. The state shall encourage and assist in the development of river corridor management plans and regulate the quantity and quality of in-stream flow along certain protected rivers or segments of rivers to conserve and protect outstanding characteristics including recreational, fisheries, wildlife, environmental, cultural, historical, archaeological, scientific, ecological, aesthetic, and community significance so that these valued characteristics shall endure as part of the river uses to be enjoyed by New Hampshire people."

The Act directs the Department of Environmental Services to receive and evaluate nominations for the designation of rivers or river segments to protect outstanding values and characteristics under the Rivers Management and Protection Program. The Commissioner must forward approved nominations to the next session of the General Court for review and approval.

In fulfillment of this statutory directive, the nomination of the Lamprey River in the towns of Lee and Durham is hereby forwarded to the General Court. The Department of Environmental Services recommends that this river segment be designated into the Rivers Management and Protection Program and be classified as a "Rural River" under the provisions of the protection measure amendments to RSA Ch. 483. The outstanding statewide and local resource values and characteristics which qualify this river segment for designation are described in this report.

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