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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Mobile Pumpout Boat

pumpout boatSince 2002 New Hampshire’s coastal waters have had the added support of a pumpout boat. The mobile pumpout boat is available to assist in wastewater removal from transient or moored vessels that are unable to make use of stationary pumpout facilities. Federal law prohibits the discharge of treated or untreated boat sewage in water that is designated a No Discharge Area (NDA). All waters within three miles of the New Hampshire shoreline and the Isles of Shoals are part of the coastal No Discharge Area. Tidal and estuarine waters, including all bays and rivers to the tidal dams, are also part of the NDA.

In 2015, a second mobile pumpout boat was added to service Hampton Harbor and provide better coverage for that area of the state. Over the years nearly 144,000 gallons of sewage have been removed from more than 5,000 recreational boats through the services of the coastal pumpout boats.

Availability of the Pumpout Boats
The mobile pumpout service has ended for the 2019 boating season. Please use stationary facilities if you need a pumpout.

Please don’t wait for your holding tank to be full to make an appointment! Scheduling is dependent on contractor availability and might not be available immediately upon calling.

How to Request a Pumpout
To request a mobile pumpout (coastal waters only) you must call or text for an appointment each time you need a pumpout. If you haven't filled out a waiver form (which is done once per year before your first pumpout), please fill out the form that is linked below. Either fill out the form using the online tool (you must register for an account or sign-in) or download a mail-in form. After the form is filled out, signed, and submitted; then request a pumpout by calling (603) 786-7688 for Hampton Harbor or (603) 670-5130. It is recommended that the boat owner or operator be present when the contractor pumps off the boat.

This form needs to be filled out once per season, prior to the first pumpout event. Subsequent requests in the same season can be made simply by calling or texting the contractor. You do not need to fill out or sign a form for any further requests during a season.

Fees for Pumpout Boat Services
As of 2016, both mobile pumpout services will no longer charge a fee. Pumpouts are available throughout the season at no cost.

Please contact NHDES for other information or to provide comments about the program.

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