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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

New Hampshire Coastal Program Online Directory
Research Institutions

Complex Systems Research Center

Morse Hall
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824
603-862-1792 /603-862-0188 (fax)
Fay Rubin

Develops and maintains the NH GRANIT System (the statewide Geographic Information System). Strives to develop, maintain, document, and distribute digital data and analyses that will assist local, state, and regional decision-makers in addressing a host of resource management, land use, environmental protection, and infrastructure management issues. Investigates the effects of human disturbance on the Earth's biogeochemical processes through the utilization of remote sensing, digital and hardcopy maps, aerial photography, field and laboratory investigations, and computer modeling. Currently examining the ocean's role in the global carbon cycle, forest decline and land use change, nutrient cycling in terrestrial ecosystems, and processes contributing to changes in atmospheric chemistry and climate.

Cooperative Institute for Coastal Estuarine Environmental Technology

Environmental Technology Building
35 Colovos Road
Durham, NH 03824-3534
603-862-0190 / 603-862-2940 (fax)
Richard Langan, UNH Co-Director
Dwight Trueblood, NOAA Co-Director

Overseen by the University of New Hampshire and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, identifies, monitors and reduces the impacts of contamination of coastal waters. Uses Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve and other sites within the National Estuarine Research Reserve System as laboratory areas for applied research, pilot projects and applications.

Institute for Policy and Social Science Research

University of New Hampshire
Thompson Hall, 105 Main Street
Durham, NH 03824-3577
603-826-2186 / 603-862-4140 (fax)
Dennis Meadows, Director

Enhances education on sustainable development, locally and internationally, for children and adults. Supports the use of computer games, Fish Banks, Ltd. (on fisheries management) and Stratagem (on sustainable development). Offers teacher trainings, simulation sessions, kits on disk, a resource library and videos/transparencies to accompany the book Beyond the Limits: Confronting Global Collapse, Envisioning a Sustainable Future.

Jackson Estuarine Laboratory

85 Adams Point Road
Durham, NH 03824
603-862-2175 / 603-862-1101 (fax)
Ray Grizzle, Research Scientist

Dedicated to research and higher education in marine and estuarine environments, and recently to the application of scientific expertise to environmental issues of local and regional significance. Current fields of study include: non-point source pollution assessments; shellfish resource management; shellfish aquaculture; monitoring of environmental impacts of open ocean aquaculture; detection and characterization of microbial pathogens in water and shellfish; biodegradation of toxic compounds; ecology and distribution of seagrasses and seaweeds; global monitoring of seagrass health; mitigation and restoration of coastal habitats; marine and estuarine water quality monitoring; behavior and migration of lobsters; and coastal geomorphology and sedimentology. Provides reports, publications, and presentations pertinent to local and regional environmental issues.

Regional Association for Research on the Gulf of Maine (RARGM)

Dartmouth College
800 Cummings Hall
Hanover, NH 03755
603-646-3480 / 603-646-3856 (fax)
Genie Braasch, Executive Director

Facilitates a program of regional research around the Gulf of Maine and communicates scientific findings to the public. Members include universities, research laboratories, and government agencies.

Shoals Marine Laboratory

University of New Hampshire
Rudman Hall Room 202
46 College Road
Department of Zoology
Durham, NH 03862
603-862-3442 / 603-862-3442 (fax)
Michael Lesser, Shoals Associate Director

Offers field-oriented credit and noncredit courses in the marine sciences each summer through Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire. Course catalog available. Laboratory located on Appledore Island, Isles of Shoals.

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

Sea Grant, Water and Marine Resources
Nesmith Hall
131 Main Street
Durham, NH 03824-3599
603-862-1067 / 603-862-0107 (fax)

Jeff Schloss, Extension Specialist, Water Resources
603-862-3848 / 603-862-0107 (fax)

Cooperative Extension is the primary outreach branch of the University of New Hampshire. The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension provides New Hampshire residents with research-based education, information and assistance, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions that sustain natural resources. Extension's natural resources program areas include marine, freshwater, forestry, and wildlife resources as well as land and water conservation.

As a University outreach program, Cooperative Extension has a network of professional Extension staff located in all 10 New Hampshire counties. Our staff works with local volunteers and specialists on the UNH campus to design and conduct educational programs that meet societal, environmental and economic needs. As part of the national land-grant university system, we also access the knowledge and expertise of other state land-grant universities throughout the U.S.

Rockingham County Office

113 North Road
Brentwood, NH 03833
603-679-5616 / 603-679-8070 (fax)
Phil Auger, Extension Educator Forest Resources

Provides outreach within communities to help New Hampshire citizens make informed decision on how to sustain natural resources. Offers educational and technical assistance to forest landowners and the forest industry on the use of forest resources for recreation, wildlife, timber and watershed management.

University of New Hampshire Department of Natural Resources

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture
215 James Hall
56 College Road
Durham, NH 03824-3589
603-862-1020 / 603-862-4976 (fax)
Breck Bowden, Associate Professor

University of New Hampshire Department of Resources & Economic Development

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture
313 James Hall
56 College Rd
Durham, NH 03824
603-862-3923 / 603-862-0208 (fax)
Bruce Lindsay, Environmental Resource Economics

University of New Hampshire Sea Grant Program

Kingman Farm
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824-3512
603-749-1565 / 603-743-3997 (fax)
Brian Doyle, Associate Director
Roland Barnaby, Extension Educator
Steve Adams, Communications

Promotes the wise use and conservation of our region's coastal and marine resources through university-based research, education, and outreach. Supports Great Bay Coast Watch, UNH Marine Docent Program, and research/education on aquaculture, commercial fishing, marine pollution and other coastal issues. Technical reports, videotapes, and other resources are available, as are staff members to discuss issues and address information needs.

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