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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Frequently Asked Questions
Overall Beach Water Quality
  • How does my beach compare to other beaches in the state?
    You can compare results from beaches by searching the NHDES OneStop data retrieval site.
    Follow these instructions once at the OneStop Search page:
    • Under "Areas of Interest" select "Beaches."
    • Under “Location” select name of Town/City or County if desired.
    • Under "Beaches" select any variables desired to limit search results.
    • Select “Enter” to obtain a list of beaches that match your search.
  • On the results page, click “Show” to find individual beach information, advisories, and sample results.
    You can also using surface water quality report cards to compare beaches near each other from the Surface Water Quality Assessments map.

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  • How is the water today?
    It takes approximately 24 hours to analyze a fecal bacteria sample, so results cannot be immediately determined. You may call the NHDES Beach program at (603) 271-3503 to obtain results from the previous day.
    Beach advisory information is updated daily during the swimming season the following portals:
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  • I am thinking of purchasing waterfront property on a New Hampshire waterbody. What information on water quality is available to me through the NHDES monitoring programs and how do I access it?
    You can obtain information on lake and ponds found at the Surface Water Quality Report Cards search through NHDES OneStop. Useful information on lakes and beaches can also be obtained from the Environmental Monitoring Database entered through the NHDES OneStop.
    • Click on the link Environmental Monitoring Data (Microsoft Internet Explorer only) underneath "Environmental Data and Information on OneStop"
    • Select “Grab Samples” as the type of data to query and click the “Go” button.
    • Fill in your email address so that results can be sent to you. Don’t select options for every box listed; the broader your search the more likely you will be successful. For example, toward the bottom, fill in the box for Beach Name. Use the drop-down arrow to select one from the list. You may also want to specify a Date Range, if you are interested in results from a particular time period.
    • Submit your query. The results will be emailed to you shortly. Take note: When you open the Excel file containing the results, there will be multiple worksheets containing information - the data you are interested in should be contained in the second worksheet. If you want help interpreting the data, then from here:, click on “Interpreting the Data,” and then “Interpreting Beach Water Quality Data.”
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