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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Frequently Asked Questions
Beach Rules
  • Are dogs allowed on beaches?
    Some beaches allow dogs during certain times of the year. Typically these beaches will have signage indicating the dates and/or hours that they are allowed on the beach. It is expected in all cases that you clean up after your dog. Please keep in mind it is illegal to have a dog at any State beach.
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  • According to the New Hampshire State rules, what are the responsibilities of a beach manager?
    State administrative rules regarding the management of beaches in New Hampshire state:
    • If there is no lifeguard on duty, signs must be posted stating this at every access point
    • Any safety rules developed by the owner shall be posted at the owner’s own discretion
    • If a business manager has a telephone or radio capable of reaching emergency services, it must be within 200 ft. from the water.
    • If a business manager does not have a telephone or radio capable of reaching emergency services within 200 ft. from the water, signs must be posted indicating the location of the closest public telephone or radio with this capability.
    • If emergency rescue equipment is not provided, there must be at least one prominent sign clearly indicating this.
    • If portable or chemical toilets are provided, they must be installed in a way so that they may not tip over.
    • Toilets should be within 200 ft. of the water unless unusual topographic circumstances prohibit this, in which case they should be placed as close to the water as possible.
    • Even when patrons are responsible for carrying out their own trash, if bathrooms are present, trash receptacles must be provided in all toilet and dressing room areas.

    Signs are available free of charge through the NHDES Beach Inspection Program to meet the lifeguard and emergency equipment criteria.

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