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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

What types of wetland mitigation may be used to offset impacts?

There are four types of compensatory mitigation: land preservation, wetland restoration, wetland creation, and payment into the ARM Fund. These may be used singly or in combination to create a mitigation package that meets current mitigation rules. Any compensatory mitigation site shall be located in the same watershed as the wetland impacts, when available and practicable.

Land Preservation
The permanent protection of predominantly upland areas so that the resource remains in a natural or undeveloped condition. Such protection is accomplished by placing the land under a conservation easement, which is held by a conservation organization, town, or state agency. This practice does not make up for lost wetland functions, but protects other wetlands from degradation due to development of surrounding uplands. more...

Wetland restoration
The reestablishment of a filled, dredged or drained wetland to its historic condition, to restore lost functions. Restoration can include the removal of fill, restoration of the hydrology, or other means. Wetlands restoration often has a higher success rate, because the wetland hydrology had been present at one time. more...

Wetland creation
The construction of a wetland in an upland area. Creation typically involves the excavation of a site to achieve adequate hydrologic features, followed by the importation of wetland soils and establishment of wetland vegetation. This is often very costly and requires significant efforts to succeed. more...

Payment into Aquatic Resource Mitigation (ARM) fund
Payment into a watershed fund in lieu of other mitigation types. The payments are pooled with similar payments from other projects. The monies will then be eligible to fund projects within the same watershed that have significant environmental value. This option is available only after the other forms of mitigation have been examined and it has been determined that they are not feasible. more…

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