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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

When is mitigation required?

NHDES requires mitigation for the following projects:

  • Major impact projects, including those that:
    • Will alter the course of or disturb 200 linear feet or more of an intermittent or perennial nontidal stream or river channel or its banks.
    • Involve construction of a pond with more than 20,000 square feet of impact in a wetland or surface water.
    • Involves only the installation of accessory docking structures or the construction of new shoreline structures and breakwaters, or includes such work in combination with other qualifying criteria, provided the resulting dock surface area of all new shoreline structures on the frontage is 2,000 or more square feet.
  • Minor impact projects with permanent jurisdictional impacts of 10,000 square feet or greater (Env-Wt 303.03).

Mitigation requirements can be found in the administrative rules at Env-Wt 302.03, Env-Wt 500 and Env-Wt 800. Exemptions are noted in Env-Wt 302.

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