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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Wetlands Bureau
Permit by Notification

To protect and preserve submerged lands under tidal and freshwaters and its wetlands, both salt water and fresh-water, from unregulated alteration that would adversely affect the natural ability of wetlands to absorb flood waters, treat stormwater and recharge groundwater supplies, impact fish and wildlife of significant value and depreciate or obstruct the commerce, recreation and the aesthetic enjoyment of the public.

Applies to minimum impact projects qualifying for Permit by Notification.

Statute and Administrative Rules
RSA 482-A:11 VI, Administrative Provisions
Part Env-Wt 506 Permit by Notification. Note: Env-Wt 506.01(b), Env-Wt 506.01(c), and Env-Wt 506.04(c) (see Env-Wt 100-900 Wetlands Rules)

Wetlands Permit by Notification Form
Shoreline Structures Plan Preparation ChecklistMicrosoft Word Symbol

$200 per application

Processing Time
If the municipal conservation commission intends to investigate your notification, the processing time is 25 days from the Town Clerk’s signature. If the municipal conservation commission waives its right to investigate by signing the notification, the processing time is 10 days from the Town Clerk’s signature.

Five years with opportunity for one extension of five years, if certain conditions are met as noted under RSA 482-A:3, XIV-a; except as noted under Env-Wt 502.01 General Conditions Applicable To All Permits/Duration of Permit (see Env-Wt 100-900 Wetlands Rules).

Permits By Notification may not be amended.

NHDES will transfer the permit after receipt of a written request by the new owner or legal authority unless there is pending enforcement action.

Any person aggrieved by a final decision of the Wetlands Program can appeal the decision to the Wetlands Council in accordance with RSA 21-O:5-a.

Status of Current Applications
Wetland and Shoreland Permit Application Status Check

More Information
Please review the requirements for filing a complete application at How to Ensure Your Permit Application is Accepted.
Note that an evaluation for the presence threatened and endangered species from the Natural Heritage Bureau is required.

Contact Us
Wetlands Bureau at (603) 271-2147



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