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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

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  • Mailing Address:
    NHDES Land Resources Management
    29 Hazen Drive; PO Box 95
    Concord, NH 03302-0095
  • Regional Office:
    Pease District Office
    Pease International Tradeport
    222 International Drive, Suite 175
    Portsmouth, NH 03801
Alteration of Terrain
  • Disturbance of greater than 50,000 sq ft of contiguous area
  • Disturbance of a slope greater than 25% within 50 ft of a surface water
  • Large erosion control projects
  • Large stormwater management projects

See: Do I Need an Alteration of Terrain Permit?
or Alteration of Terrain Bureau

Call: (603) 271-2147

Alteration of Terrain
Application Status
  • Alteration of Terrain
  • Subsurface Systems
  • Wetlands/Shoreland

Wetlands and Shoreland Permits Query
Alteration of Terrain Permits Query
Subsurface Bureau Query

Call: (603) 271-2147

Status Check
Aquatic Resource Mitigation (ARM) Fund See: Wetlands Mitigation Program

Call: (603) 271-4059
Complaints/Compliance Issues

See: Complaints filed under Land Resources Management Program

Call: Your assigned/regional contact directly
or (603) 271-2147

Continuing Education
  • Class Schedule
  • Previously Attended Classes
  • Class Registration Form

See: Subsurface Systems Bureau Continuing Education

Call: (603) 271-3501

Continuing Education
Earthmoving Operations
  • Industrial, Commercial & Residential Developments
  • Sand/Gravel Pits
  • Rock Quarries

See: Do I Need an Alteration of Terrain Permit?
or Alteration of Terrain Bureau

Call: (603) 271-2147

Alteration of Terrain
Enforcement Actions

See: Complaints filed under Land Resources Management

Call: Your regional compliance inspector directly at:

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File Review

See: RSA 91-A: Right-to-Know
Pre-Application Review Form

Call: (603) 271-2919

File Review
Forestry/Timber Harvesting Call: (603) 271-2147 Forestry
Geographic Information Systems Call: (603) 271-2147 GIS Review
I93 Expansion
  • Wetlands or Water Quality questions regarding the I-93 expansion from Salem to Manchester
Call: (603) 271-4065 I-93 Expansion
  • Pre-Application Review
  • Technical Assistance with completing applications
Call: (603) 271-2147 Technical Assistance in town of 'X' for the purpose of 'Y'

See: Marine Patrol Unit

Call: (603) 267-6453

Marine Patrol
Natural Heritage Bureau Data Check Tool

See: NHB DataCheck Tool

Call: (603) 271-2411

Data Check
Permitting of Septic System Designers and Installers
  • Septic System Designers
  • Septic System Installers

See: Permitting of Designers/Installers

Call: (603) 271-3501

Designers/Installers Permits
Permitting: Existing Projects Call: Your regional reviewer directly at Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
or (603) 271-2147
Your assigned reviewers name
Permitting: New Projects Call: (603) 271-2147 New Project Permitting
Permitting: Repair or Replacement of Existing Culverts Under 48-inches in Diameter
  • Wetlands questions regarding NH Department of Transportation (NHDOT) Federal Transportation projects
Call: (603) 271-4194 Routine Roadway or Dept of Transportation
Projects at the Water's Edge
  • Beach construction
  • Boathouses
  • Breakwaters
  • Docks (Seasonal and Permanent)
  • Lake Dredges
  • Retaining/Rock/Wooden Walls
  • Watercraft Lifts

See: Do I Need a Dock Permit?

Call: (603) 271-2147

Projects at the Water’s Edge
Projects on Land Within 250 Feet of a Lake or River
  • Decks/Patios/Gazebos
  • Excavation with Equipment
  • Garages/Sheds
  • New Construction of Buildings and Homes
  • Vegetation/Tree Cutting

See: Do I Need a Shoreland Permit?
or Shoreland Program

Call: (603) 271-2147


See: Marine Patrol Unit

Call: (603) 267-6453

Marine Patrol
Septic Systems: Approval for Construction

See: Do I Need Septic System Approval?
or Septic Systems: Approval for Construction

Call: (603) 271-3501

Septic System Permitting
Septic Systems: Request for Operational Approval

See: Septic Systems: Approval for Operation
or Inspectors By Region Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Call: (603) 271-3501

Septic System Inspections
Site Assessment for Real Estate Transactions

See: Site Assessment FACT SHEET Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Site Assessment FormMicrosoft Word Symbol

Call: Your realtor

Site Assessment
Septic Systems: Request for Records

See: Subsurface Systems Septic and Subdivision File Request Form

Call: (603) 271-2924

Septic System Archives
Subdivision of Land
  • Subdivision into two or more lots for any reason including sale, rent, lease or building development

See: Do I Need Subsurface Subdivision Approval?

Call: (603) 271-3501

Trails Call: (603) 271-2147 Trails
Utilities (Electric, Gas, Water) Call: (603) 271-2147 Utilities
Wetlands Mitigation Program

See: Wetlands Mitigation Program

Call: (603) 271-4059




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