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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my facility qualify?
    The water use program considers cumulative water use. If your facility withdraws or discharges a cumulative amount of 20,000 gallons per day averaged over any 7-day period, or more than 600,000 gallons of water over any 30-day period, at a single real property or place of business, you must register water use with the Department.
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  • How do I register water use?
    Contact Us to request a water use registration form or print a form (see Forms/Applications on our program home page).
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  • How do I have to measure water use?
    Water users must ensure that the method of measurement or quantification is accurate to within 10%. Meters must be used unless the water user can document and demonstrate a proposed alternative satisfies the 10% accuracy requirement. If the water user chooses to do so they must first receive approval from the Department.
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  • When do I have to report?
    Water use reporting depends on the type of water use at the facility. For most facilities, reporting has to be done each quarter. The exception is facilities that have a seasonal or temporary water use.
    • January – March due April 15th
    • April – June due July 15th
    • July – September due October 15th
    • October – December due January 15th
    • Seasonal water use for non agricultural irrigation – due November 1st of each year
    • Seasonal water use by an agricultural user – due December 31st of each year
    • Seasonal water use for snowmaking – due May 1st of each year
    • Temporary water use by a mobile facility – due each calendar month
    • A one time water use that exceeds 140,000 gallons in any 7-day period – due within 30 days of the use
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  • What exactly do I have to report?
    The Department will send you a reporting form that contains the required information for you to complete. The form requests monthly water use for each withdrawal, destination, or transfer of water. Any changes in registration information must also be reported
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  • Where do I have to report?
    Attn: Drinking Water and Groundwater Bureau
    Water Use Registration and Reporting Program
    29 Hazen Drive, PO Box 95
    Concord, NH 03302-0095
    (603) 271-6685
    (603) 271-5171 (fax)
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  • Are there any exemptions or waivers?
    Yes. The statute does not apply to a discrete withdrawal arising from an emergency event. In addition, water users may request a waiver from all or part of the rules in accordance with Env-Wq 2102.32 Waivers (see Env-Wq 2102 Water Use Registration and Reporting under Rules/Regulatory on our program home page).
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