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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services


Selective dam removal can eliminate a public safety hazard, relieve a dam owner’s financial and legal burdens and restore a river to a healthier, free-flowing condition. Consequently, some dam owners, government agencies and communities are taking a second look at dams.

For more information about why dam removal should be considered a legitimate option, see the NHDES Dam Bureau fact sheet "The New Hampshire Initiative to Restore Rivers Through Selective Dam Removal."

There are more than 4,800 active and inactive dams in the State of New Hampshire. Many of these dams were built during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and they played central roles in New Hampshire’s economic and societal growth during that period. But as technological and societal needs have changed, so too has the need for some dams.

Very few dams in New Hampshire are currently under consideration for removal. However, dam removal is an option that should be considered on its merits. When the costs associated with a dam outweigh its benefits, removal may be a wise decision, one that can result in significant environmental, economic and social benefits.

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