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EPA has established a national system for tracking hazardous waste shipments electronically. e-Manifest was launched on June 30, 2018. Please check back to this page for updates and information on e-Manifest.

e-Manifest News

EPA's e-Manifest Fact Sheets


  • What is e-Manifest?
    E-Manifest is an electronic system, developed and maintained by EPA, to track all hazardous waste manifests within the United States. Manifest data and/or copies of paper manifests are submitted to EPA by the TSDFs/receiving facilities. More information can be found on EPA's e-Manifest webpage: EPA's Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest (E-Manifest) System
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  • Will paper manifests still be allowed?
    Yes, paper manifests can still be used. However, the TSDF/receiving facility will be responsible to submit the paper manifest or electronically submit the manifest data to EPA.
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  • Will there be a fee for the use of e-Manifest system?
    Yes, EPA will charge a fee for each manifest. The usage fee will be billed to the TSDF/receiving facility on a monthly basis. The fees are based on the type of manifest used. The least costly form of manifest will be the fully electronic version. The most expensive form of manifest will be the full paper copy. More information regarding these fees can be found at EPA's Final Rule: User Fees for the e-Manifest system.
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  • Who must register in the e-Manifest system?
    TSDFs (Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities) and receiving facilities that accept waste shipped using a manifest, regardless of whether it is a paper manifest or e-Manifest, must have an EPA identification number and must participate in the e-Manifest system.

Entities (transporter, generator) that plan to create an e-Manifest, sign manifests electronically or view manifests in the e-Manifest system before they are made public, must register within the e-Manifest system. (Information in e-Manifest is not viewable by the public until 90 days following receipt by the TSDF or receiving facility).

In addition, all generators are encouraged to register for e-Manifest. To do so, a generator must have an EPA identification number. Being registered in e-Manifest allows generators to create and sign e-Manifests, as well as have access to their manifest data, without having to wait 90 days for the public access.

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  • Who will be able to view manifest data that has been submitted?
    Any party involved in the shipment of the manifest, i.e., the generator, generation state, transporter, TSDF, EPA and the receiving state, will have access to the manifest data starting at the creation of the manifest, provided that they are registered in e-Manifest system. Otherwise, the manifest data will be available publicly after 90 days from receipt at the TSDF.
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  • I am a NH generator and my transporter uses a paper manifest instead of the electronic manifest. Will I be required to submit a copy of the manifest to the state? Do I need to keep a copy?
    Yes, if your transporter opts to use paper manifests instead of electronic manifests, you will need to submit a copy of the manifest to NHDES within 5 days of shipment. You need to keep a copy of the manifest in your records for 3 years.
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  • What if the generation state (or alternatively, the receiving state) does not require a manifest to ship the waste? Does the manifest still have to be put in the e-Manifest system?
    If either the generation state or the destination state requires the waste being shipped to be shipped on a manifest, it must be part of the e-Manifest system. If neither state requires it on a manifest, but it is put on a paper manifest, EPA prefers that it not be put into the e-Manifest system.
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  • Where can I get more information about e-Manifest?
    More information pertaining to e-Manifest can be found on EPA's website dedicated to e-Manifest. That website is:
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