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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

The RIMS section can now accept electronic copies of scanned manifests, signed/scanned notification forms, signed/scanned quarterly reports, and signed/scanned discrepancy reports. No electronic signatures – only scanned documents. Please send to

RCRA C Site Id Form/Notification Form Microsoft Word Symbol

RCRA C Site Id Form/Notification Form Instructions Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

This form is used to notify the division that your company will be conducting hazardous waste activities (Initial Notification) or to notify the division that previously reported information has changed (Subsequent Notification).

All new generators submitting an "Initial Notification" will need to pay a non-refundable fee of $150 to obtain their EPA ID number (Political Subdivisions are exempt). To ensure that your notification is processed promptly please include with your initial notification request a check for $150 made out to "Treasurer, State of New Hampshire."

Source Codes Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Manifest Instructions Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

The hazardous waste manifest is used to track hazardous waste from the point of generation to the ultimate disposal. You will need to obtain this form and use it whenever you ship hazardous waste off site. Usually your transporter will supply the forms to you.

NH requires generators to submit a copy of the manifest to the State of New Hampshire, PO Box 95, Concord NH 03302, within 5 days of shipment.

Sample Quarterly Report Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Every quarter your company manifests and ships hazardous waste, you will receive a quarterly report. This report will allow you to check our data with your actual shipments. If you notice errors or omissions, you may make the appropriate changes to the report and include a copy of the manifest(s) and/or discrepancy letter(s) supporting these changes. The report must be signed and returned with the appropriate fee if applicable.

Inactivation/Declassification Form Microsoft Word Symbol

Sample Declassification Request Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

This form is to be used when your company is no longer generating hazardous waste. Once the RIMS office has received a completed declassification request from your company, the EPA Identification number will be changed to inactive status.

Codes to BR Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol(Form Codes, Waste Minimization Codes & Management Method Codes)

The GM Form is a form contained in the Biennial Report required by EPA. Starting in Biennial Report year 2009, EPA is requiring the GM form to be completed for all applicable Large Quantity Generators. A separate GM form should be completed for EACH waste stream that was generated in the biennial year, with the exception of certain waste streams as stated within the GM form instructions. NHDES electronically submits the Biennial Report to EPA from information gathered from the hazardous waste generators.



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