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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Solid Waste Permitting and Design Review Section
Solid Waste Permit-by-Notification

To manage solid waste facilities to protect human health and the environment.

Certain small-scale facilities that receive 30 tons per day or less and that pose little or no threat to human health or the environment may be permitted by a Permit-by-Notification. Applies to solid waste limited public transfer stations, collection centers for select recyclables, scrap metal collection and recycling centers, truck transfer stations, centers producing certified waste derived products, small food waste composting facilities, and asbestos waste holding facilities for abatement contractors.

Statute and Administrative Rules

Revised applications effective July 1, 2014. Please discard previously saved applications.

Application forms for infectious waste treatment facilitiess as described in Env-Sw 507.02 (Env-Sw 500 Processing or Treatment Facility Requirements) are not available at this time and therefore it is necessary to follow the application procedures outlined in Env-Sw 311 and Env-Sw 303 (Env-Sw 300 Permits).

No application fee.

Processing Time
Typically 30 days after the application is deemed complete.

Permit issued for the life of the facility.

Permits cannot be modified, except if the modification is a Type III or Type V modification according to Env-Sw 315. Any other modification requires a new permit according to Env-Sw 305.05(g). in which the solid waste rule reference at the end is changed from (i) to (g).

Permits cannot be transferred to a new owner, except for landfill transfers occurring automatically according to Env-Sw 1202.06(d). In most cases, a transferred facility is considered a new facility and the new owner must obtain a permit if operations continue after the property transfers according to Env-Sw 311.02(c).

Any person aggrieved by a final decision can appeal to the Waste Management Council in accordance with RSA 21-O:9.

Status of Current Applications
Permit Applications Currently Under Review or Recently Approved or Denied

More Information
If strict compliance with a particular rule would cause a hardship to the permittee or result in an adverse effect on the environment or public health and safety, a waiver to the particular rule may be granted. The applicant must fill out an Application for WaiverMicrosoft Word Symboland submit any supporting documentation.
Notice of Intent to Construct for a Solid Waste Management FacilityMicrosoft Word Symbol
Notice of Intent to Operate for a Solid Waste Management FacilityMicrosoft Word Symbol

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Solid Waste Permitting and Design Review Section
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