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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services


The Petroleum Remediation Section oversees the long term remediation of petroleum contaminated sites. Site remediation is performed in accordance with the standards contained in the Department’s Contaminated Sites Management Rules, Env-Or 600 and the Department’s Risk Characterization and Management Policy. The typical process involves: 1) notification to the Department that a release has occurred or contamination has been detected, 2) emergency and interim response activities to address human health and environmental threats, 3) completion of a site investigation and all necessary supplemental site investigation activities, 4) selection of a remedial approach, 5) site remediation and 6) monitored natural attenuation until ambient groundwater quality standards are obtained.

The State of New Hampshire reimburses costs related to the cleanup of MtBE contamination and releases from eligible tank systems. The Petroleum Remediation Section is involved in the implementation of the reimbursement program, specifically the approval of Work Scopes and Budgets and the review of reimbursement claims.

All petroleum remediation sites and reports are assigned to a project manager for review and oversight. The project manager guides the site through the site investigation and remediation process. A digital record of reports and correspondence for all sites is maintained in the Department’s online OneStop data management system. This system is available to the public and can be used to understand the current status of a site.

Groundwater Management Permits are required at sites where the Department’s Ambient Groundwater Quality Standards are exceeded. These permits establish specific enforceable requirements for periodic groundwater quality monitoring and reporting. The permit, as appropriate, may also include conditions that specify groundwater remediation, site investigation and/or remedial action plan requirements. Standards for groundwater quality are contained in Table 600-1 of the Department Contaminated Sites Management Rules, Env-Or 603.03.

The Department has funding available to assess Petroleum Brownfields sites. Additional petroleum brownfields funding is available from several of the Regional Planning Commissions. This funding is limited to sites that are relatively low risk and where no financially viable responsible party has been identified. The supervisor of the section, Gary Lynn, should be contacted for questions concerning site eligibility for assistance.

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