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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Asbestos Health Hazards

The inhalation of asbestos fibers in high concentrations is known to cause:

  • Asbestosis: a debilitating and irreversible respiratory illness which is characterized by a scarring of the lung tissue, or linings of the lung, which thereby reduces lung function and makes breathing more difficult;
  • Mesothelioma: a cancer of the thin membranes lining the chest and abdomen, which is almost exclusively caused by exposure to asbestos and is almost always fatal; and
  • Lung cancer and other cancers: including cancers of the larynx, tongue, sinuses, mouth, throat, stomach, colon, rectum, intestines, kidney, pancreas, and gall bladder.

Symptoms of asbestos caused diseases generally do not appear for 10 35 years after the first exposure to asbestos.

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