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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

On-Premise-Use Fuel Oil Storage Tanks & the Safetank Program

good storage tankA primary goal of the NHDES On-Premise-Use Fuel Oil Tank Program is to work with homeowners and business owners on being aware of the condition of their fuel oil storage tank systems. This outreach effort is an important tool in reducing the number of fuel oil leaks that result in environmental contamination, and potentially significant cleanup costs. On-premise-use fuel oil tanks, known also as OPUFs, are indoor, outdoor or underground tank systems that are not subject to NHDES regulations, i.e., neither Administrative Rules Env-Or 301 "Control of Aboveground Petroleum Storage Facilities" nor Env-Or 401 "Underground Storage Facilities." However, these systems are otherwise subject to installation and upgrading compliance standards to prevent future leaks, as a condition for receiving state funding assistance. The state provides contamination cleanup cost funding for OPUF owners who do not have private insurance coverage, and provides funding for low-income homeowners to upgrade or replace substandard tank systems to prevent leaks. more...

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