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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Groundwater Remediation Permitting
Groundwater Release Detection Permit

These permits establish procedures and requirements for monitoring the groundwater for early detection of any impact associated with the activities listed in RSA 485-C:13.

Required for the following facilities: hazardous waste disposal facilities, lined solid waste disposal facilities, lined wastewater disposal facilities and facilities that process soils contaminated with petroleum products. Other types of facilities may be required to obtain this type of permit if they are located within a class GAA wellhead protection area. These include: new solid waste composting facilities, new resource recovery facilities, outdoor storage of road salt and other deicing chemicals in bulk, existing snow dumps; or existing motor vehicle salvage yard or salvage yard.

Statute and Administrative Rules
Env-Or 700 Groundwater Release Detection Permits

Application for Groundwater Release Detection PermitMicrosoft Word Symbol
Application for Renewal of Groundwater Release Detection PermitMicrosoft Word Symbol
Application for Groundwater Permit TransferMicrosoft Word Symbol

Application fee is $2,500 (state and local governments exempt).

Processing Time
Within 90 days from the receipt of a complete permit application, if compliance with Env-Or 703.02 through Env-Or 703.08 have been met, a permit is issued or the applicant is notified in writing that the application is denied.

Term is five years. The permittee shall apply for the renewal of the permit 90 days prior to the permit expiration date using the Application for Renewal of Groundwater Release Detection PermitMicrosoft Word Symbolform.

Modification/Amendments: A permittee may request a permit modification or permit termination by submitting a written request to the Groundwater Remediation Permitting program, including reasons for the modification or termination, and a table in an acceptable format summarizing all monitoring results to date. The permit will be modified, or terminated, or the request will be denied within 90 days of the request. If denied, a written response will be provided stating the reasons for the denial.

Prior to transfer to a new permittee, the current permittee must submit a completed Application for Groundwater Permit TransferMicrosoft Word Symbolincluding a summary of all monitoring results to date in an acceptable format. The current permittee and the new permittee will be notified in writing within 45 days.

Any person aggrieved by a final decision can appeal to the Waste Management Council in accordance with RSA 21-0:9.

Status of Current Applications
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Groundwater Remediation Permitting
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