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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services


Groundwater Management Permits are issued under the Contaminated Site Management Rules, Env-Or 600 and are required at locations where NHDES’s Ambient Groundwater Quality Standards are exceeded. Groundwater Release Detection Permits are issued under the Groundwater Release Detection Permit Rules, Env-Or 700 and are issued as a preventative measure and are not required at a site where a Groundwater Management Permit is in effect.

Groundwater Management Permits: These permits prescribe programs for periodic groundwater quality monitoring and reporting; provide for groundwater remediation either through active measures or natural attenuation; specify performance standards for remedies, and describe procedures for performing site investigations and implementing remedial action plans. Standards for groundwater quality are NHDES’s Ambient Groundwater Quality Criteria, listed in the Contaminated Site Remediation Rules, Env-Or 600.

Groundwater Release Detection Permits: These permits establish procedures and requirements for monitoring the groundwater for early detection and are required for the following facilities: hazardous waste disposal facilities, lined solid waste disposal facilities, lined wastewater disposal facilities and facilities that process soils contaminated with petroleum products. Other types of facilities may be required to obtain this type of permit if they are located within a class GAA wellhead protection area. These include: new solid waste composting facilities, new resource recovery facilities, outdoor storage of road salt and other deicing chemicals in bulk, existing snow dumps; or existing motor vehicle salvage yard or salvage yard.

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