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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Hazardous Waste Coordinator Certification Program
Hazardous Waste Coordinator Certification

NHDES requires each hazardous waste generator/facility that generates, creates, or produces more than 220 pounds of hazardous waste in one calendar month to have on staff at the facility a NHDES certified Hazardous Waste Coordinator (HWC). The HWC is responsible for ensuring that the facility is aware of its responsibility to be in compliance with the state Hazardous Waste Rules. The certification, however, belongs to the individual and not the facility. Certified HWCs can only be associated with one site (EPA ID number) at one time.

The Hazardous Waste Coordinator Certification program is a compliance tool, which requires generators to become knowledgeable and certified in hazardous waste management; provides uniform training and technical assistance for Hazardous Waste Coordinators; and provides an important means of protecting the New Hampshire environment.

Any hazardous waste generator/facility that generates, creates or produces more than 220 pounds of hazardous waste in one calendar month must have on staff at the facility a NHDES certified Hazardous Waste Coordinator (HWC). To earn certification, applicants must first attend the NHDES “Basic” certification training course and pass a comprehensive written test; and thereafter, annually apply for and attend an approved renewal training course (Basic or Module). As long as the certificate remains current, applicants do not need to test annually.

Course Schedule

Statute and Administrative Rules
RSA 147-a 5, III.
Hazardous Waste Rules (Env-Hw)

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$300 per person annual fee, includes $175 annual program and $125 course fee.

Processing Time
Certificates will be mailed approximately one month after successfully completing course and/or passing the certification test.

One year from date of initial certification or one year from renewal course date taken in 2013. Module courses are available to those in good standing with current certificates. Renewal attendees must attend no sooner than 90-days before their certification date or 90-days after their certification date, as long as the attendee submits their application and payment in full prior to the certification date. HWCs with expired or lapsed certification will need to retake the Basic course and test to become certified.

HWCs who change companies or jobs during the year and wish to maintain certification, should contact NHDES to modify their certification.

Certification is non-transferable to another person.

Individuals who fail to pass the test may retake it two more times in the same calendar year. They may opt to self-study and retake the test. If unsuccessful, they must attend another Basic course (course fee only). The test may not be taken more than three times in one calendar year.

Status of Current Applications
Contact Judy Small at or (603) 271-2990.

More Information
US Code of Federal Regulations: Attendance at HWCC training counts for that individual as annual hazardous waste training under 40 CFR 265.16 for fully-regulated generators of hazardous waste (Federal Large Quantity Generators).

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Full Quantity Generator Requirements in New Hampshire Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Contact Us
Hazardous Waste Coordinator Certification Program website ; or (603) 271-2942 or (866) HAZWAST (Toll Free In-State Hotline, 8-4 M-F)



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