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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

The Hazardous Waste Coordinator (HWC) certification program has been established in response to legislation passed in 2002, which took effect in January of 2003 under RSA 147-A:5, III. This program is within the Hazardous Waste Certification Section of the Waste Management Bureau.

NHDES intends through this program to provide the necessary tools for NH industries to attain and then maintain compliance under the NH Hazardous Waste Rules. This program requires each hazardous waste generator that generates more than 220 pounds of hazardous waste in one month to have on staff at the facility where the hazardous waste is generated, a HWC certified by NHDES. NHDES wants to ensure that no business will be out of compliance due to a lack of knowledge of the rules and is committed to enhancing environmental stewardship in New Hampshire through this new training and certification program.

The goal of the certification program is to empower each HWC to be responsible for ensuring that the generator is aware of, and in compliance with, applicable requirements relating to hazardous waste management, including but not limited to storage, transportation, and disposal. This first-in-the-nation certification program for HWCs is being implemented to provide a forum for educating generators in the complex regulatory area of hazardous waste management.

Initial certification will provide the HWC with the regulatory nuts and bolts to assure the generator's compliance under the Hazardous Waste Rules. Future certification courses will be designed to encourage generators to move "beyond compliance", by developing resource conservation, waste minimization, and recycling programs at their facilities.

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