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Air Permitting for Stationary Sources
General State Permit for Source Category: Internal Combustion Engines Emergency Generators or Fire Pump Engines

An owner or operator applying for a General State Permit for Internal Combustion Engines Emergency Generators or Fire Pump Engines may choose to comply with the terms and conditions of the General State Permit instead of obtaining a State Permit to Operate.

NHDES has reestablished the GSP on June 17, 2020 and is now accepting registrations for the reestablished permit through our Air E-Permitting Application System, as described below.

To regulate and limit air emissions from emergency engines to achieve and maintain air quality in New Hampshire.

This General State Permit (GSP) covers internal combustion engines used to produce electricity through a generator or to produce mechanical power for fire pumps located at non-Title V facilities that:

Statute and Administrative Rules
RSA 125-C:11 Air Pollution Control/Permit Required
RSA 125-C:12 Air Pollution Control/Administrative Requirements
RSA 125-C:13 Air Pollution Control/Criteria for Denial; Suspension or Revocation; Modification
Env-A 101.661 Definitions/Emergency Generator (Env-A 100 Organizational Rules)
Env-A 610 General State Permits and General Permits Under Title V (Env-A 600: Statewide Permit System)
Env-A 620 Procedures for Establishing and Reestablishing General State Permits (Env-A 600: Statewide Permit System)

Applicants can choose from either the electronic or paper application methods.

  • OneStop Data and Information Air E-Permitting Application System: The Air E-Permitting system allows owner or operators of emergency engines to register for a GSP, add or remove engines to their list of emergency engines covered by their existing GSP, or make changes to the facility name or contacts. NHDES is strongly encouraging all GSP applications to be submitted electronically. The use of Air E-Permitting will make the submission, review and approval of applications more efficient and timely.

For those owners or operators seeking to re-register under the 2020 GSP, the General State Permit Registration Fee will be $1500.00.

The General State Permit is readopted every five years. The current GSP for the source category Internal Combustion Engines Emergency Generators or Fire Pump Engines is scheduled to expire June 30, 2025.

Under a General State Permit, the owner or operator of a device covered by the GSP must always comply with specifications in the GSP and cannot request to have the provisions in the GSP changed. If an owner or operator chooses to make modifications to the operation of any device covered by the GSP and the device can no longer meet the requirements of the GSP, the owner or operator must apply for a State Permit to Operate for that device and have the State Permit to Operate issued prior to making changes to the device.

When the owner or operator of a device covered by the GSP makes any modifications to the equipment listed in the existing registration package (i.e. adding or removing emergency engines, changes fuel type or changes the usage of the engine, etc.), it is the owner or operator’s responsibility to notify NHDES either through the online air permitting program or via a letter with a modified registration package.

Within thirty (30) days of any change of the owner or operator, the new owner or operator shall submit to NHDES a request for an Administrative Amendment. This can be accomplished in one of two ways.

Once this submittal is received, NHDES will issue a letter of approval with a copy of the GSP or a letter of disapproval with the reason for disapproval.

Any person aggrieved by the final decision may file an appeal to the Air Resources Council within 30 days of the final decision in accordance with RSA 125-C:12 III and Env-AC 200

Status of a Current Application
Air Stationary Sources Search

More Information

If the existing or proposed generator includes an integral fuel storage tank, then the registration and construction approval requirements of the NH Code of Administrative Rules, Env-Or 300, Aboveground Petroleum Storage Facilities may apply.

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